RT2100 Manual SMT Screen Printer

The RT2100 is an easy-to-use, field-proven manual stencil printer that offers reliable printing for SMT boards. No-tools-required magnetic tooling makes it a quick option, ideal for printing single- or double-sided boards. It is capable of fine-pitch printing and will make a great addition to your prototype circuit board assembly line or other low-volume application.

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Squeegee - 8" neoprene with metal handle + $75.00

Easy setup and quick changeover

RT2100 comes with four magnetic tooling pin holders and an assortment of tooling pins, making quick work of PCB setup and changeover. Your frame-mounted stencil will swivel into position to meet the PCB. Fine-tunable X, Y, and theta axes provide accurate alignment of stencil holes to pads.

Large and flexible PCBs and panels

Three magnetic bottom supports are included to provide stability for large or flexible PCBs during the printing process. The machine’s large print area accommodates PCBs up to 400 x 500 mm (15.8" x 19.7"). A magnetic fixture kit is also included to be used for printing two-sided boards.

Economical stencil printing solution

RT2100 is a popular choice for budget-conscious assemblers who don't want to sacrifice precision, dependability, or ease of use. Weighing 30 lbs and measuring 26" x 20" x 6.5" (660 x 508 x 165 mm), this screen printer is heavy-duty and built with quality in mind.

RT2100 Specifications
Maximum Frame Size 18.5" x 22.4" (470 x 570 mm)
Maximum PCB Size 15.8" x 19.7" (400 x 500 mm)
Dimensions 26" x 20" x 6.5" (660 x 508 x 165 mm)
Weight 30 lbs
Shipping Weight 46 lbs

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