4500R Precision Manual Stencil Printer

The manual 4500R stencil printer allows the operator to be fast enough to keep up with high-speed pick and place machines without sacrificing precision or accuracy. The printer's flexibility and ease-of-use also make it a favorite choice for a variety of small production environments.

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Manual squeegee blade - 10" - for 4500R stencil printer + $105.00
10" squeegee blade with holder for 4500R stencil printer + $200.00
12" squeegee blade with holder for 4500R stencil printer + $220.00

Minimizes downtime

The 4500R accommodates boards of all sizes, up to a maximum print area of 406 x 457 mm (16" x 18"). Setup and cleanup are fast, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. The printer’s frame holder accepts industry-standard stencils, from 12 x 12” to 20 x 20”, ensuring simple stencil and screen mounting/removal. The included tooling for double-sided boards also ensures quick job changeover, and setting up for a different sized board takes almost no time at all.


Highly Accurate

Self-locking X, Y, Z, and theta adjustments align the PCB's pads to the stencil apertures for precise, fine pitch printing of solder paste. Smooth printing is accomplished with the included 10" handheld squeegee with a metal/polyurethane blade. The tooling is completely hand-machined, resulting in no rough edges. Plus, large, comfortable-to-turn adjustment knobs are used to improve ease of accuracy.


Sturdy and Versatile

The 4500R's frame holder accepts framed stencils and screens up to 508 x 508 mm (20" x 20") and its Z-axis range of 0.0" – 0.75" makes room for double-sided boards. Once the print is completed, the PCB is separated from the stencil by vertical lift control. Plus, all this versatility is held within an easy-clean design and a heavy-duty construction (weighing in at 110 lbs.), ensuring this printer will provide years of trouble-free printing.

4500R Specifications
Frame Size 20" x 20" (508 x 508 mm)
Print Area 16" x 18" (406 x 457 mm)
X and Y Axis Range ±0.5"
Theta Rotation ±5.0°
Off-Contact (Z-Axis) Range 0.0" - 0.75"
Overall Dimensions 33.1" x 36.2" x 9.8"
(840 mm x 920 mm x 250 mm)
Net Weight 110 lbs (50 kg)
Shipping Data Weight: 168 lbs (76 kg)
Dimensions: 41" x 41" x 18" (840 mm x 920 mm x 250mm)

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