Starter Lab Line

Placement Speed: Approx. 1,800 CPH

Max. PCB Size: 250 x 200 mm (9.8" x 7.9")

Feeder Capacity: 47 Strip Holder
Includes Built-In Dispense to Eliminate Stencils

  • MC300 Single-Head Pick and Place System

    Includes Built-In Dispense to Eliminate Stencils

  • MC301 Benchtop Convection Reflow System

  • 2-Year Warranty

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Chris Ellis 215-869-8374
Ed Stone 215-808-6266

Flexible pick & place machine w/ 47 strip holders

  • 1,800 pph placement rate
  • Includes built-in dispense to eliminate stencils
  • 47 strip holder included optional up to 64 automatic tape feeders
  • Large placement area: 300 x 350 mm (11.8" x 13.7")
  • Optional vision camera for 25 mil fine pitch
  • Stand is optional

The MC300 Pick and Place is specifically designed for start ups and product development labs. Available with optional installation and training by Manncorp technicians and features a warranty with US-based spare parts and support. Free unlimited software updates and remote service so your machine is always running optimal without the cost of a service visit. Includes Cut Strip Feeders for 47 parts in machine price. Many other options and configurations available.

Learn more about the MC300 pick & place machine.

MC301 Profilable Batch Reflow Oven w/ Android OS

  • Exclusive Android control app, ultra-high-resolution touch screen, & WiFi
  • Simulate profiles of inline ovens with preheat, soak, reflow, and cooling
  • Dual control modes - via heater thermocouples or built-in, on-board thermocouple

By simulating the conditions of an inline reflow system in a benchtop unit, the MC301 is ideal for product development, prototyping, and manufacturability testing. Detailed solder profiles are easily programmed, stored, and downloaded through the MC301's exclusive hardware control app and Android operating system.

Learn more about the MC301 profitable batch reflow oven.

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