Drop Stack / Bare Board Loader

Drop Stack / Bare Board Loader with Pass-Through Mode from Manncorp

Drop Stack / Bare Board Loader

Drop-style PCB de-stacker holds up to 400 PCBs (at 0.6 mm thickness) and automatically moves each PCB from the stack onto an SMT assembly line.

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Load Bare Boards for Assembly

The Manncorp Drop Stack/Bare Board Loader is designed to take individual bare PCBs (up to 400 mm long x 350 mm wide) from the bottom of a stack (up to 200 mm high) and to feed them into the production line from an integral edge-belt-type conveyor.

The Drop Stack/Bare Board Loader accommodates boards from 0.4 mm to 2.5 mm thick and includes automatic stack height sensing and alarm.

Pass-Through Mode for Double-Sided Assembly

A pass-through function allows other equipment, such as a magazine loader, to be installed at the Drop Stack/Bare Board Loader DL-350W-BT input for double-sided board assembly. When a line is set up this way, the DL-350W-BT would be used to send bare boards through the line for first-side assembly. When the assembled boards are returned to the line for second-side assembly, the Drop Stack/Bare Board Loader would act as a basic pass-through/transport conveyor.

Systems for PCB widths larger than 350 mm are available upon special request. Please contact Manncorp for pricing.

Drop Stack / Bare Board Specifications
PCB Size 50 mm L x 50 mm W to 400 mm L x 350 mm W
(1.97" L x 1.97" W to 15.75" L x 13.78" W)
PCB Stack Capacity 290 pcs. (0.6 mm thickness)
or 175 mm (6.88") stack height
PCB Thickness 0.4 mm min. (0.016" min.)
2.5 mm max. (0.098" max.)
Conveyor Direction Left to right (standard) or right to left (optional) operation
Conveyor 3 mm edge belt
Air Supply Pressure 5-6 kg/cm2 (70-85 psi)
Air Consumption 30 I/min (1 CFM)
Voltage 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power 150 VA max.
Machine Dimensions 500 mm L x 800 mm W x 1160 mm H
(20" L x 31.5" W x 46" H)
Net Weight 170 kg (375 lbs.)
Shipping Weight 220 kg (485 lbs.)

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