MCLEDV4-1800 LED Pick & Place

Assemble LED Boards to 1800 mm - MCLEDV4-1800 Pick & Place from Manncorp
Side View: MCLEDV4-1800 Pick & Place for LED Assembly
MCLEDV4-1800 Pick & Place for LED Assembly

MCLEDV4-1800 LED Pick & Place

Assemble LED lighting products, including long tube boards and flexible strips, at rates reaching 15,000 LEDs per hour with a high-speed, dedicated LED placer. The MCLEDV4-1800 has an 1800 mm (70.8") max board length and features full, on-the-fly vision alignment.

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High-Speed, High-Efficiency Design

Four pick-and-place heads mounted on the MCLEDV4-1800's high precision, ball-screw-driven gantry perform simultaneous pick-up to achieve rates to 15,000 LEDs per hour (per IPC-9850 standard). True "vision on the fly" alignment, with upward-looking cameras located on the placement heads, aligns components while the head is in motion—saving time over fixed-camera systems where the component is brought over the camera for alignment before it can move to the placement area. Thanks to the included software, feeder locations are also optimized prior to placement to minimize head travel and tool changes.

Specifically Designed for LED Assembly

Unlike standard pick and place machines that have been adapted to LED assembly, the MCLEDV4-1800 is purpose-built, to build LED boards— and does it really well. This machine places LED components from 0201 to 8 mm x 8 mm, including both standard and irregularly shaped LEDs.

Each of the machine's four placement heads feature positive air pressure to release 'sticky' LED components. Non-stick, Teflon®-coated nozzles—including custom nozzle designs—are also available. Domed LEDs can be safely placed using placement nozzles designed to not touch the optical lens during pick-up and placement, protecting the component's overall performance and reliability.

Suitable for All LED Lighting Products

Flexible PCB strips, circular LED light bulb boards and even irregularly shaped boards can be assembled quickly, accurately, and reliably on the MCLEDV4-1800.

  • The MCLEDV4-1800 features a max board length of 70.8" (1800 mm).
  • The full length of each board is assembled in a single pass for top efficiency and throughput.
  • A worktable and magnetic board fixture come standard. (The machine can alternatively be configured at time of purchase with a SMEMA-compatible inline conveyor for automation.)

Software Simplifies Production

Companies that already have one or more MC-series machines in their facility will find the MCLEDV4-1800's software interface immediately familiar, allowing for zero learning curve when it comes to programming and operation.

Several powerful software tools are included with the MCLEDV4-1800 system, including the UCAD® (universal CAD) import and conversion utility to simplify placement programming, a feeder arrangement optimizer to minimize head travel and tool changes, and real-time monitoring of production (through a virtual view of under-assembly product progress, along with placement rates, placement time, and production count).

24/7 Workhorse

The MCLEDV4-1800 offers nonstop production. Its ability to automatically switch to a different feeder when an in-use feeder runs out of components allows the operator to refill and replace the empty feeders without ever taking production offline.

Special, servo-driven feeders use brushless motors that extend feeder life under around-the-clock production conditions. With these feeders, it is also possible to splice a new reel onto an old one, minimizing production interruption.

Number of Placement Heads 4
Placement Rate (IPC-9850) 15,000 CPH
Placement Accuracy 30 μm, 3 Sigma
Minimum LED Size 0.6 mm x 0.3 mm
(0.024" x 0.012")
Maximum LED Size 8 mm x 8 mm x 5 mm
(0.31" x 0.31" x 0.20")
with on-the-fly vision
Capability for Other SMDs Same maximum and minimum
component size as LEDs
Tool Changer Yes
Number of Tools 6
Accepts Additional Tool Changers Yes
Integral Vacuum Yes
Board Handling Method Magnetic fixture worktable (standard)
or inline conveyor (optional)
Maximum Board Length 70.8" (1800 mm)
Full length assembled in a single pass
Maximum Board Width 11.8" (300 mm) 10.2" (260 mm)
with inline conveyor option
Board Thickness 0.008" to 0.12" (0.2 mm to 3.0 mm)
0.008" to 0.197" (0.2 mm to 5.0 mm)
w/ inline conveyor option
Fiducial Recognition/ Coordinate Correction Yes
Bad Mark Detection Yes
Maximum Number of Feeder Ports 16
Tape Feeder Sizes 8, 12, 16, and 24 mm
Operating System Windows® 7
PC, Keyboard, Mouse Yes
Monitor Flat LCD
Teaching Camera Yes
Numeric Data Entry Yes
CAD Download Yes
Step and Repeat for Matrix Boards Yes
Optimization Functions Yes
Off-Line Programming Yes
X Axis Drive Mechanism Ball Screw
X Axis Encoding Rotary
Y Axis Drive Mechanism Belt with stepping motor
Y Axis Encoding Rotary
X-Y Axis Resolution 0.02 mm (0.0008")
Z Axis Resolution 0.02 mm (0.0008")
θ Axis Resolution 0.18°
θ Axis Range of Motion 360° 
Overall Dimensions (Approx. L x W x H) 43.3" x 149.6" x 58.6"
(1100 mm x 3800 mm x 1489 mm)
Approx. Net Weight 450 kg (992 lbs.)
Standard Voltage 200-230 VAC - Single Phase
Air Pressure 80 psi, 4 CFM
Remote Diagnostics Ethernet
Warranty 1 Year

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