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Manncorp Press Releases & News

06/01/2015 Manncorp Expands Direct Sales/Service in Central/South America

02/10/2015 New Selective Soldering System from Manncorp for Under $60K

01/29/2015 All-Purpose, High-Precision SMT/BGA Rework System Under $15K

12/22/2014 New Inline Printer is Most Advanced in Its Class at Less Than $60K

11/04/2014 New Manncorp Website Leaves Customers to Their Own Devices

05/13/2014 Improved Dip Soldering Systems Have Wider Range of Capability

03/05/2014 Android(TM) Operating System Controls New Benchtop Reflow Oven

01/28/2014 High-Precision, High-Mix, Print-Place-Reflow Package Under $47K

10/18/2013 Manncorp Helps USA Customers Take Advantage of Section 179 Tax Benefits

09/25/2013 Closed-Loop, Zero-Discharge PCB Cleaning System in Operation at Manncorp DEMO Center

07/24/2013 Manncorp Installs Selective Soldering and Fluxing Systems at Calsonic Kansei Mexicana

05/29/2013 Manncorp Opens New Corporate & SMT DEMO Center

05/28/2013 New Corporate & SMT Demo Center

05/07/2013 The Latest in Affordable Protection for Moisture-Sensitive Devices. Ultra-Dry Cabinets are in Stock, Ready to Ship and Available for Purchase Online

04/24/2013 At Less Than $40K, New Pick Place Machine Brings Advanced Capability To Prototyping & Pilot Production

04/18/2013 15,000 CPH Pick and Place Machine for Dedicated LED Assembly

04/16/2013 IMET Corporation: Creativity Fuels Increase in Sales For IMET

04/10/2013 Manncorp Releases Video Demonstration of Innovative Benchtop Selective Soldering System

04/09/2013 SMTSOLDERPASTE.COM Offers Same-Day Shipping

03/20/2013 Manncorp BR790-HD’s High-Definition Optics and Real-Time Temperature Profiling Conquer SMD Rework’s Most Challenging Tasks

02/11/2013 Manncorp to Unveil New Stencil Printer and Vapor Phase System at IPC APEX Expo 2013

02/08/2013 New High-Speed Pick and Place Machine for Non-Stop Production of LED Boards

01/30/2013 Decrease Failure Rates and increase Yields with Advanced Sherlock-300F Benchtop AOI System

01/22/2013 Precision Benchtop Selective Soldering System from Manncorp Improves Quality & Efficiency

07/22/2012 Manncorp MC385 Pick and Place Machine Assembles PCBs of Hobbyists’ Drone Aircraft

10/15/2012 New FVX™ from Manncorp with Revolutionary Alignment Technology Sets New Standards for Bench Top SMT Pick and Place Performance

10/09/2012 Manncorp Brings High-Precision, Selective Soldering and Fluxing to the Bench-Top with the New ULTIMA Series

09/21/2012 Computer-Controlled Batch Reflow Oven With Real-Time Profiling Mimcs Inline Reflow