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Equipment Benchmarking Example for Mid-Volume Pick and Place

Our second example is for a mid-volume assembler. Here are the details:

  • Annual board requirement: 22,000
  • Unique components per board: 50
  • Placements per board: 325
  • Board length: 8"
  • Board width: 10"
  • Minimum size component: 0402
  • Maximum size component: 28mm x 28mm
  • Fine pitch requirement: 0.015" Lead Pitch QFP 256

And here is the chart comparing the assembler's requirements against a specific pick and place machine:

  PCB Requirement Equipment Data
Feeder Slots PCB Example 02 Model: MC-385V2V
Feeder Slots Required 54 (45-8mm + 1 stick feeder) 128-8mm slots
Tube/Stick Parts 5 lanes 10-lane feeder requires 9 slots
Matrix Tray Parts 1  
Component Handling
Smallest Part 0402 01005 (w/nozzle)
Largest Part 28mm x 28mm 150 mm x 100 mm
Smallest lead pitch 0.015" 0.012"
Board Handling
Board Size Minimum 8" X 10" 2" x 2"
Board Size Maximum   13.8" x 17.1" w/o tray holder
12.6" x 8.6" w/tray holder
Placement Speed Required
Board CPH Requirement 4225 cph 4400 cph (IPC-9850 spec of 5500 detrated 20%)


(View the pick and place machine used in this example.)


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