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Sherlock-300F Benchtop AOI Machine

Many companies, especially smaller electronics manufacturers, put off adding automated optical inspection (AOI) to their process because of the high capital investment, the sharp learning curve, and the need for an experienced operator to program and fine-tune it. Benchtop Sherlock-300F AOI machine was designed to make in-house AOI affordable and manageable for first-article inspection, prototyping, and even full production inspection requirements. It features the same technology and quality build of the batch and inline Sherlock-300 models—plus the same two full days of installation and training at your facility offered with the other models*—in a smaller size, at a lower price point.

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Sherlock-300F Benchtop Automated Optical Inspection Equipment for PCB Inspection


Component Coverage Down to 0201 (01005 available)
Minimum PCB Size 2" x 2" (50 mm to 50 mm)
Maximum PCB Size 13" x 9.85" (330 mm x 250 mm)
20" x 18.1" (510 mm x 460 mm) with 500L option
Topside Clearance 1.18" (30 mm) with standard lens, 0.98" (25 mm) with high magnification (including PCB thickness)
1.77" (45 mm) with 500L option
Bottomside Clearance 1.18" (30 mm)
Lighting System RBG and warm-white illumination in 3-ring arrays
Camera 2.2-megapixel color camera with 2/3" CMOS sensor with Camera Link for high-speed data transmission and telecentric lens
Resolution 20 µm standard lens
14 µm high-magnification lens
Depth of Field 0.39" (10 mm) standard lens
0.24" (6 mm) high-magnification lens
Field of View 1.61" x 0.87" (41 mm x 22 mm) standard lens
1.14" x 0.59" (29 mm x 15 mm) high-magnification lens
Scanning Speed 50cm2/sec
Motion Control Bi-axial (X-Y) belt-driven
Repeat Position Accuracy 50 µm
Control Resolution 10 µm/pulse
Programming Automatic CAD conversion, pre-defined customizable component library, touch-screen-based teaching
Offline Programming Available
Repair Station Software Available
SPC Software Available
Computer Control Core 4 Xeon with 4 GB RAM, Windows® 7 Professional, 64-bit
Power Requirements AC100V to 230V single-phase
Air Supply 0.5 Mpa, 5 l/min(ANR)
Environmental Requirements Operation: 10 to 35° C/30-80% non-condensing RH
Storage: -10 to 60° C/30-80% non-condensing RH
Weight 253 lbs (115 kg) just the unit
302 lbs (137 kg) including PC
Dimensions (w x d x h) 24" x 30" x 21" (620 x 758 x 537 mm)
(Alert light adds 11" (280 mm) in height)
Warranty 1-year
Remote service & support Included


Think your boards are good?
In a test of 10,000 assemblies, machine inspection was found to be 99.99% accurate, compared to only 72.36% with manual inspection. How much is that 28% difference costing your company?

Sherlock-300F desktop AOI systems offer a cost-effective way to catch defects, monitor trends, and improve your overall process. The initial equipment investment is quickly paid off in other ways, too, with increased throughput (AOI is much faster than manual vision inspection) and lower operational costs (automated optical inspection is less labor intensive than manual inspection as well).
Easy to program and operate
All programming and operation is done through the Sherlock-300F’s intuitive touch-screen interface. Automatic pick & place and CAD data conversion and a pre-defined, customizable parts library not only speed up programming but also eliminate the need for skilled AOI personnel.

The software was designed to make operation easy and convenient: The interface is instantly intuitive. If there’s any doubt, “Navigation Mode” can step the operator through tasks, and online help is only a click away.

The software also features easy zooming in and out to get a better look at defects. It also presents quick-stats on defective parts.

The system can optionally be programmed offline, at a separate PC, in order to keep the AOI station free to perform inspections.
High Defect Coverage
Sherlock-300F uses a high-resolution, 2.2-megapixel CMOS camera, a large-aperture telecentric lens, and two lighting systems to achieve fast, accurate inspection of both solder quality and components at a scanning rate of 50 cm2/sec.

The RGB LED lighting system inspects solder fillets for volume and shape. The three-tier white lighting system inspects component placement and positioning, with reflection and shadow controls to ensure low false calls and low false accepts.

The standard lens inspects parts down to 0201, or the Sherlock-300F can be fitted with a high-magnification lens to inspect parts down to 01005. Both of these telecentric lenses eliminate perspective errors, reduce distortion toward the edges of the field of vision, and provide uniform image plane illumination.

There is no need for the expense of high-megapixel cameras or multiple side-angle cameras with this system. It has been designed to provide accurate, reliable inspection results with the lowest complexity of programming and at a cost that’s within reach of small and medium manufacturers.
Quality Components Throughout
During inspection, the camera moves, rather than the PCB. This ensures the clearest possible images and fastest inspection speeds. The camera motion system is X-Y bi-axial belt-driven with 50 µm positional accuracy.

The board transport system automatically adjusts to the size set in the program. Sherlock-300F comes standard with a pneumatic PCB stopper and vacuum clamp. It can optionally be purchased with a motor to eliminate the need for a compressed air source.

Operation is smooth and quiet, thanks to the machine’s sturdy, vibration-damping construction.

All components are high quality, Japanese-made.
Keep Control of Your Process
Do more than detect bad PCBs. Improve your whole process with the addition of statistical process control (SPC) software. This software, installed on a separate computer from the Sherlock-300, allows you to detect process abnormalities early, view trends over time, and discover where your problem areas are.
Trace and Repair
Repair station software designed to work with the Sherlock-300F simplifies rework by providing details at the repair station on each rejected board. Repair station personnel can access an image of the rejected part, with its location, name and details of inspection. With the connection of a bar-code reader, board data can be brought up on screen with a quick scan of the PCB’s label.

History of inspection and repairs can be search by serial number. When linked with the SPC software, repair data can be tallied, providing complete traceability.
Defect Coverage
Sherlock-300’s scanning speed is independent of the number of components on the board: even densely populated boards are scanned at rates of 50 cm2/second. Fast cycle times keep the system from bottlenecking production—a 7.3" x 5.1" (185 mm x 130 mm) PCB with 253 parts can be processed in 10 seconds, including load and unload time.

Sherlock-300F is capable of detecting, with high accuracy:
  • Solder joint defects
  • Presence of solder
  • Insufficient solder
  • Excessive solder
  • Opens
  • Cold solder
  • Solder balling
  • Bridging
  • Poor soldering
  • Lifting
  • Fillet coverage (THT)
  • Wetting (THT)
  • Partial and full lack of solder (THT)
  • Blowholes (THT)
  • Component defects
  • Missing or extra components
  • Wrong components
  • Shifting
  • Tombstones
  • Reverse polarity
  • Damaged parts
  • Bent IC leads
  • Pin presence (THT)
  • Bent pins (THT)
One-year warranty + remote service support
To protect your investment, the Sherlock-300F comes with a 1-year parts warranty and access to telephone and email technical support. Manncorp technicians are employees, not contractors, with years of experience at all levels of circuit board assembly.

Remote service support software and a network adapter comes with every Sherlock-300 series machine, allowing Manncorp technicians to troubleshoot remotely over the Internet.
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