SDM121 Motorized PCB Depaneler

Motor-driven SDM121 separates v-scored PCBs without stress to boards, components or solder joints, eliminating post-breakout defects such as delamination and microcracking, even when components are located as close as 1 mm to the scoring line. Operation is simple: the blades are aligned to the score line, the blade height is locked, and a depaneling speed is chosen. When the operator activates the foot switch, the topside circular blade moves automatically along the v-groove, providing a smooth, burr-free cut without operator guidance. The large processing table can be angled to allow separated PCBs to fall away from the cutter. For safety, the circular blade is shielded by shatterproof Plexiglas while light sensors halt the blade immediately if an obstruction is detected. SDM121 is suited for medium to high-volume production. A maximum component height of 32 mm provides sufficient clearance for most through-hole components and virtually all SMDs. The SDM121 is available with 445 mm (17.5") or 483 mm (19") maximum cutting length. Cut length is fully programmable; programmed length is displayed on an LED readout.

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Select Upgrade Max Cut Length*

SDM121 motorized PCB depaneler (Max cut length: 483 mm (19")) OPTION: Max cutting length: 483 mm (19") + 3,000.00
PCB Thickness 0.8 mm to 3.0 mm
Maximum Depaneling
445 mm (17.5") or 483 mm (19")
V-Scoring Lines Specs:
  • Depth of scoring (A): ≥ 0.25 mm
  • Remaining PCB thickness (B): 1.0 mm max
  • Component from scoring (C): ≥ 1 mm
  • Scoring angle θ: ≥ 20˚ (typical)
  • Max. component height (D): 32 mm
Depaneling Mode Motorized
Separating Speed 200, 350, 400, or 450 mm/s
Production Rate Moderate to high volume
Scoring Angle 20˚
Minimum Component
Distance from V-Groove
1 mm
Maximum Component Height 32 mm (1.26")
PCB Materials FR4, CEM3, etc.
Processing Table 500 x 165 mm (19.7" x 6.5")
Dimensions (L x W x H) 750 mm x 346 mm x 465 mm
(29.5" x 13.6" x 18.4")
Net Weight 46 kg (102 lbs)
Shipping Weight 75 kg (166 lbs)

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