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Trident LDO Low-Discharge PCB Cleaner

The fully automatic Trident LDO defluxing system removes all post-reflow flux and solder paste residues along with other contaminants and particulates from printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), and it does so at a cost savings: its built-in wash-solution-reuse system reduces cleaning chemistry costs by as much as 95% while its fast cycle time gets more assemblies cleaned, tested, and dried per shift than any other automated defluxing system. Trident LDO is a low-discharge system. Wash solution is automatically captured and reused, limiting effluent discharges to only the rinse water. A built-in pre-drain filtration system filters rinse water automatically. (For zero-discharge, add the optional EcoCycler rinse water recycling system, or see the Trident ZDO zero-discharge PCB defluxing system). 

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Trident LDO aqueous PCB cleaner


Dimensions 42 ¼” W x 47 ¾” D x 70" H
Weight 791 lbs
Power Requirements 208-240 VAC 40 amps 3Ø
400 VAC 31 amps 3Ø
Water Input ¾" NPT
Drain ¾" NPT
Air Exhaust 6" (static)
No-Clean Flux Removal Yes
Water Soluble Flux Removal Yes
Rosin Flux Removal Yes
Lead & Lead-Free Compatible Yes
Average Cycle Time 30 minutes
Estimated Assemblies
(Per hour per chamber)
3" x 10" - 144/hr
4" x 5" - 192/hr
8" x 10" - 44/hr
20" x 20" - 24/hr
Built-In Cleanliness Testing Standard
Anti-Shadowing Technology Oscillating board rack & asymmetrical nozzles
Fluid Delivery Technology Twenty 15˚ stainless steel adjustable nozzles
Discharge Configuration Closed-loop wash
Filtered rinse drain
Closed-Loop Wash Solution Recycler Standard
Automatic Chemical Dosing
(Chemical Management)
SPC Data Logging with
On-Screen Viewing
SPC Data USB Export Standard
SPC Remote Viewing Standard
Heated Drying System Standard
Pre-Drain Filtration System Standard
Programmable Maintenance Reminders Standard
Control System Windows® 7 computer
Operator Interface Touchscreen interface with multilingual display (English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German)
ESD Ground Point Standard


Predictive Cleanliness Capability
Trident LDO's on-board cleanliness tester continuously monitors cleanliness levels in real-time and controls the cleaning process automatically, ensuring cleaned circuit boards meet or exceed programmed settings, board after board, for the most consistent cleanliness levels possible.
Purpose-Built for Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Trident LDO is specifically designed to clean and deflux post-reflow PCBs, including densely populated boards or assemblies using low-standoff surface mount (SMT) components. This is accomplished through the use of Trident's asymmetrical fan-jet spray system, which directs precision-diffused wash solution and rinse water to a concentrated area, resulting in greater impingement and improved under-component penetration while the oscillating board rack reduces shadowing effects.

Trident systems are uniquely capable of removing all eutectic (SnPb) and lead-free solder residues, either separately or mixed in the same batch. They remove all flux types, including water soluble, rosin and no clean, from SMT, through-hole and mixed-technology assemblies, as well as board and component fabrication residue and contaminants picked up during assembly.
Easy Operation & Maintenance
Trident's automatic chemical management system automatically doses and mixes defluxing chemicals, eliminating the need to manually measure, mix or handle chemicals.

Estimated completion time, cleanliness values and operating temperatures are displayed in real time on screen. Gauges on the machine indicate water line, spray manifold and pre-drain filter pressures. The wash solution includes a level gauge with low-level alarm. The concentrated wash solution holding tank also includes a fluid level gauge.

Maintenance reminder software displays the number of times each has been used. The counters turn red when the administrator-specified number of cycles has been reached.
Statistical Process Control (SPC) for Traceability and Tracking
Trident LDO's SPC data recording automatically tracks alpha-numeric cleaning program names, process times and temperatures, set and actual cleanliness levels, and other valuable data. SPC data can be viewed on screen, sent to a networked printer, or export to USB or another computer via network protocols.
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