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PB2300 Semiautomatic Stencil Printer

To ensure repeatable performance and process stability, independent of operator skill, the Manncorp PB2300 provides a level of touchscreen programmability and parameter control uncommon in benchtop SMT stencil printers. Dual high-magnification CCD cameras, paired with twin LCD displays, also contribute to their exceptional accuracy by allowing easy, highly precise, stencil-to-pad alignment for the smallest 01005 chip components, μBGAs, and 0.3 mm (0.012”) fine-pitch QFPs. Tool-free clamping mechanisms for both squeegees and stencil frames permit fast, seamless changeover between solder paste printing applications. Two models are available; the PB2300 with a print area of 480 mm x 400 mm (19" x 15.75") and frame capacity up to 600 mm x 600 mm (23.6" x 23.6") and the PB2900 with a 600 x 540 mm (23.6” x 21.3”) print area and frame capacity up to 780 mm x 762 mm (30.7” x 30”). Stand included.

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PB2300 Semi-Automatic Stencil Printer


Capacity and PerformancePB2300PB2900
Stencil Frame Size (max.) 600 x 600 x 33 mm
(23.6" x 23.6" x 1.3")
762 x 780 x 40 mm
(30" x 30.7" x 1.57")
Stencil Frame Size (min.) 300 x 300 x 18mm
(11.8" x 11.8" x 0.7")
320 x 450 x 18mm
(12.5" x 17.7" x 0.7")
Maximum Frame Weight 8kg (17.6 lbs.)
Frame Clamping 4x pneumatic cylinders
Frame Adapter Not needed
Print Area (max.) 480 x 400 mm (19" x 15.75") 600 x 540 mm (23.6" x 21.26")
Print Area (min.) 50 x 60 mm (1.97" x 2.36")
Print Table 540 x 540 mm (21.26" x 21.26") 600 x 540 mm (23.6" x 21.26")
PCB Size (max.) 510 x 420 x 4 mm
(20" x 16.5" x 0.16")
620 x 550 x 4 mm
(24.4" x 21.6" x 0.16")
PCB Size (min.) 50 x 60 x 0.5 mm (1.9" x 2.4" x 0.02")
Print Repeatability ±20 μm (at 3_)
Available Squeegee Sizes 210, 290, 370, 450, and 490 mm (8.3", 11.4", 14.6", 17.7", and 19.3") 210, 290, 370, 450, 490, 530, and 610 mm (8.3", 11.4", 14.6", 17.7", 19.3", 20.8" and 24")
Programmable Parameters
Print Stroke 60 - 400 mm (2.36" - 15.75") 60 - 540 mm (2.36" - 21.26")
Print Speed 20 - 150 mm/s (0.79"/s - 5.9"/s)
Snap-off Speed 0.5 - 6 mm/s (0.02"/s - 0.24"/s)
Snap-off Distance 0 - 2 mm (0" - 0.08")
PCB Thickness 0.5 - 4 mm (0.02" - 0.16")
Print Mode Single or multiple print stroke
Adjustable Parameters
Print Pressure 20 - 100 N 40 - 120 N
X-Y Alignment Range ±10 mm (±0.39")
Ø Alignment Range ±13°
Utilities/Facilities Requirements
Power 220/110V, 50/60Hz, 2A
Air 6 - 8 Bar, 40 ltr/min (90 - 116 psi, 1.4 CFM)
Dimensions PB2300
745 mm W x 985 mm D x 675 mm H (29.3" x 38.8" x 26.6")
825 mm x 700 mm x 750 mm
(32.5" x 27.5" x 29.5")
895 mm W x 1135 mm D x 675 mm H (35.2" x 44.6" x 26.6")
850 mm x 970 mm x 750 mm
(33.5" x 38.2" x 29.5")
Net Weight approx. 140 kg (310 lbs.)
Shipping Weight approx. 200 kg (440 lbs.)


LCD Touchscreen User Interface for Easy Setup and Operation
The PB2300 PLC controller and touchscreen user interface allow password-protected programming of a wide range of parameter settings that can be stored as production files for various applications. Programmable settings include print speed, print head front and rear stroke positions, snap-off speed, snap-off distance, PCB thickness, and a correction factor that compensates for stretch as the stencil begins to wear. The software includes both an automatic mode and a manual/setup mode that allows step-by-step control of each segment of a print cycle, as well as a counter that keeps track of processed boards. The PLC's internal memory allows storage and retrieval of up to 100 different programs.
Small Footprint Compact Design w/ Extra-Large Frame Capacity
Although PB2300 printers are small enough for the benchtop, their print areas are extraordinarily large. This is due in large part to the unique, narrow design of its dual-squeegee print head which allows ample room for camera positioning and maximum utilization of the stencil area. As a result, the PB2300 maintains a print area of 480 mm x 400 mm (19" x 15.75") with frames up to 600 mm x 600 mm (23.6" x 23.6") and the PB2900 has a 600 x 540 mm (23.6” x 21.3”) print area for frames up to 780 mm x 762 mm (30.7” x 30”); a ratio that is exceptional for a printer with automatic squeegee drive and CCD vision-assist alignment.
Maximized Area for Positioning of Dual CCD Cameras
The large print area of the small-footprint PB2300 is also attributable to an efficient design that maximizes the available space for positioning of the dual CCD cameras. Each camera is attached to its own easily adjustable support bracket that allows quick positioning in the X and Y axes at opposite corners of the stencil for maximum alignment accuracy.
Laser Guides Facilitate Camera Positioning
A laser source attached to each camera speeds up navigation and camera positioning during setup. This simple, yet convenient, feature is especially helpful when locating specific stencil apertures to be used as alignment targets on densely populated boards.
High Resolution LCD Displays for Precise Stencil-to-Pad Alignment
Dual LCD displays mounted on the top of the upper frame provide crystal-clear, through-stencil views of the solder pads on the PCB. A ring of high-brightness LEDs, surrounding each camera's lens, illuminates the target area for a clear view through the stencil apertures. Fine-adjustment knobs on the base of the unit are used to precisely align the stencil in the X-, Y-, and Ø axes.
Three-Position Squeegee Height Control for Quick Stencil Changes
The unique design of the PB2300 print head allows fast, "tool-less" stencil changes without having to remove its dual squeegees. When in the production mode, as shown in the adjacent illustration, the squeegees are either in the "up" position or the "down" position within the frame envelope. In the maintenance mode (or frame change mode), the squeegees are raised to a higher position above the frame envelope, allowing enough clearance for the stencil frame to be slid from the frame support channels when the clamping cylinders are released.
Patent-Pending, Snap-In Design Allows Tool-less Squeegee Changes
An exclusive snap-in clamping mechanism allows easy removal and replacement of squeegee blades without having to remove any screws or use any special tools. The PB2300 utilizes metal blade squeegees with integral paste deflectors to keep solder paste contained. Blades are available in various widths from 210 mm to 610 mm (8.3" to 24.0")
Flexible Frame Clamping System Allows Changeover In Minutes
As shown in the adjacent photo #1, the PB2300 stencil frame support channels are easily adjusted to accept frames of various sizes. A convenient gauge on each channel indicates width settings in both inches and millimeters.

Once the width is set, stencil frames of thicknesses from 18 mm to 33 mm (PB2300) or 40 mm (PB2900) are simply slid into the channels as shown in photo #2.

When the frame is in place, the simple flip of a switch on the front of the unit activates four pneumatic clamping cylinders that lock the frame securely in place as shown in photo #3.
Complete Set of Universal Magnetic PCB Fixturing Included
PB2300 printers come complete with a full supply of magnetic PCB mounting hardware that includes bottom side support pins and vacuum posts, fixed-position registration pins for PCBs with tooling holes, and a pair of edge-support rails that adjust for boards of thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 4 mm (0.020" to 0.157"). The edge-support rails provide a standard 24 mm (0.945") of clearance for double-sided PCBs and differences in the height of the PCB print surface from one setup to another (as shown in the illustration below the photo) are automatically adjusted in the software settings for the various programs.
Pneumatic Servo-Drive for Safe and Easy Opening and Closing
For operator ease and safety, the upper frame is opened and closed with the aid of a pneumatic servo system. Independent of the frame weight or squeegee head position, the upper frame can be lifted with minimal effort by simply pulling up on the handle on the front of the unit. The system will automatically hold the frame open at two separate positions; one-a partially opened position for maximum productivity that allows fast removal and loading of PCBs, and two-a wide 60° open position for board holder setup, cleaning, and maintenance. To protect the operator in the event of air or power loss, safety valves lock the upper frame position in accordance with CE safety requirements.
Easy Access for Paste Replenishment
The hinged plexi-glass front shield on PB2300 systems provides easy access for loading solder paste onto the stencil surface. It also provides additional clearance and easy sighting of the laser guides when setting up the positions of the CCD cameras for stencil alignment assistance.
Exceptional Print Quality and Repeatability
The adjacent photos show the outstanding print quality, edge definition, and homogeneous solder paste distribution that can be expected with the PB2300. It's ±20 μm (at 3σ) repeatability and extraordinary flexibility are the product of innovative engineering and high quality construction.
Base Frame/Stand Assembly
PB2300 Stencil Printer comes with a sturdy base frame assembly with two storage shelves (as shown at left). Console Cabinet measures (825 x 700 x 750 mm) - approx. weight 40kg (88 lbs.)



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