KFTA3D Feeders

Groundbreaking New Feeders!

Our innovative new feeder model with a built-in display just hit the market. This version is even better than our previous feeders, at the same price point - Helping you get more without spending more.

The new machine enhancements include:

  • Component reel information stored/updated in the feeder.
  • Easy on-screen monitoring of consumption status.
  • An internal battery for both online and offline data review.

Pair these unique feeders with Manncorp machines from the MC400 and up. Need help with choosing your equipment line-up? We provide free analysis of your BOM! Our team of experts ensures you get the perfect configuration for your needs; we'll balance speed and reliability to get your production done effectively without overspending.

For more information on our reworking equipment, reach out to Ed on the West Coast (215.808.6266), Chris on the East Coast (215.869.8374), or email sales@manncorp.com.