MC1400 Automatic Stencil Printer

The MC1400's automatic vision alignment system ensures accuracy while the printer's linear-guided movements and vertical stencil separation provide high precision and repeatability, a combination that results in ultra-fine-pitch printing capability. Experience component pitches as tight as 0.3 mm (12 mil). With quick setup and changeover, our MC1400 stencil printer easily keeps pace with medium-to-high volume production lines and is well-suited for precision batch printing.


Chris Ellis 215-869-8374
Ed Stone 215-808-6266
Vacuum Support Plate + $350.00
Vacuum Support Plate (Width 50mm) + $280.00
Print area upgrade for MC1300/MC1400 - 450 x 400 mm + $3,000.00
Print area upgrade for MC1300/MC1400 - 500 x 400 mm + $5,000.00
Underside stencil cleaning adapter & accessories for MC1300/MC1400 + $1,500.00
Metal squeegee (pair) blade assy - 200 mm + $595.00
Metal squeegee (pair) blade assy - 250 mm + $695.00
Metal squeegee (pair) blade assy - 300 mm + $795.00
Metal squeegee (pair) blade assy - 350 mm + $895.00
Metal squeegee (pair) blade assy -400 mm + $995.00
Metal squeegee (pair) blade assy -450 mm + $1095.00
Metal squeegee (pair) blade assy -500 mm + $1295.00
Metal squeegee blade - 200 mm + $53.00
Metal squeegee blade - 250 mm (P/N: SB09-255) + $53.00
Metal squeegee blade - 300 mm + $59.00
Metal squeegee blade - 350 mm + $59.00
Metal squeegee blade - 400 mm + $69.00
Metal squeegee blade - 450 mm + $69.00
Metal squeegee blade - 500 mm + $84.00
Installation and Training + $3,500.00

Automates Alignment & Printing

Included AT-Align software is a powerful automatic fiducial finding and PCB board offset adjustment system that automatically aligns the PCB to the stencil for each print without operator intervention—simply press the start key and the MC1400 takes over the aligning and printing.


Eliminates Alignment Errors

Gaps, shadows, parallax errors and solder residue may all be concealed when viewing PCBs through the stencil. The MC1400's vision cameras view the board directly rather than through the stencil, eliminating image distortion.


Reduces Solder Paste Consumption

The MC1400 comes standard with a dual-squeegee/dual-stroke-control system for the most efficient use of solder paste. Its cycle time is just 15-25 seconds per PCB with registration repeatability of ±0.01 mm (0.0004"). All movements—PCB position, mounting table, and squeegee head—rely on precision linear guide while the print speed and table speed are servo controlled.


Large Print Area

A 400 x 400 mm mounting table comes standard (15.75" x 15.75"). Larger sizing, such as 500 x 400 mm (19.68" x 15.75"), is available. Stencil frames up to 700 x 700 mm (27.5" x 27.5") can be mounted.


Easy programming

All parameters—print speed, stroke length, squeegee pressure, etc.—are fully programmable using the graphical, Windows-based control software. During operation, the on-screen process status shows all details of the current print job. Flexible tooling holders make PCB setup and changeover very quick. The holders can be used with tooling pins (included) or with vacuum, for edge-to-edge printing.


Printing Speed
2 to 150mm/s (servo controlled)
Table Up / Down Speed
0.2 to 4mm/s (servo controlled)
Vision Alignment System
Automatic (AT-Align system)
Stencil Frame Size (External Dimensions)
180mm x 310mm to 700mm x 700mm
(7" x 12.2" to 27.5" x 27.5")
Thickness: 31.7mm (1.25" max.)
Printing Area
Max: 400 x 400mm
Optional max: 450 x 400mm
Optional max: 500 x 400mm
Board Size
Min: 20 x 20mm
Max: 400 x 400mm
Optional max: 450 x 400mm
Optional max: 500 x 400mm
Board Thickness
0.8 to 8mm
Optional: 0.2 to 8mm
Underside Clearance
Max: 26mm
Printing Stroke
Max: 400mm
Squeegee Pressure
0 - 15kg
Blade Type
Standard length: 250mm
Optional: 200mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm
XY Adjustment
Radial Adjustment
Registration Repeatability
Support Tooling
Magnetic pin & vacuum block
Vision Alignment Resolution
0.0085mm/ step
Vision Fiducial
Standard fiducial and any pads
Air & Power Requirements
220VAC power, 75psi (5 bar) air
Dimensions (L x W x H)
51" x 35" x 51" (1300 x 900 x 1300mm)
904lbs (410kg)

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