Manufacturing costs up due to the new import tax? Contact Manncorp to help reduce costs.

Manncorp COVID-19 Update

FLASH UPDATE March 26: Our financing arm is now offering 90-day payment deferral on new financing. Financing can include your entire project—equipment, implementation, services, maintenance, and freight. Up to $500k is application only, no financials required for underwriting. Plus your payments don’t start till 90 days after your order is placed.

Manncorp has weathered over 50 years of emergencies and unbelievable challenges. You can count on us to be here for you through this current crisis.

Both our locations—San Diego and Philadelphia—are available. We are meeting all federal guidelines, with most of our team of over 40 personnel working from home while every precaution is taken to maintain a safe environment at our physical locations.

For existing customers, our technicians are providing free support for all Manncorp equipment in the field that was purchased direct from Manncorp. You can expect the same high level of service as always. If you need support, contact our service team at 215.830.1205 or

The current crisis has also opened up many requests for new equipment to support ongoing efforts in the medical and military fields of research & development and manufacturing, which for the most part is our customer base. Worldwide logistics issues and challenges affect equipment deliveries. We recommend you contact Manncorp at 215.830.1200 or for updates on equipment availability.

We do want to caution our customers that, especially in times such as these, low-cost inferior imports proliferate on the market. We in no way support those imitations and suggest that customers exercise due diligence.

If there is anything we can do to assist your business at this time, please reach out. Here are cell phone numbers of key personnel for quick contact:

Service Nationwide

Chris Ellis (Hatboro, PA): 215.869.8374
Ed Stone (San Diego, CA): 215.808.6266

Stay safe,

Henry Mann
March 23, 2020