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Manncorp's Contributions to Efforts Related to COVID-19

Thermal Imaging System

Check for elevated temperatures as people enter your facility using rapid, no-contact temperature screening with facial detection and recognition.

Protect Your Workers, Visitors & Customers. Save Lives. Prevent Loss of Revenue.

Manncorp Equipment Used in the Production of COVID-19 Sensors by Northwestern University

Introducing the first wearable device to continuously track virus symptoms for early intervention

The easy-to-use silicone strip is placed at the base of the throat to monitor heart rate, temperature, and breathing. Using a Manncorp production line, Northwestern University now has the capability of producing hundreds of these devices per week.

This device is featured by media outlets across the country:

Northwestern University

Monitoring COVID-19 from hospital to home: First wearable device continuously tracks key symptoms — Read on Northwestern's site

International Business Times

COVID-19 Monitoring: New Wearable Device Continuously Tracks Key Symptoms — Read at IBT

Fox News

New 'coronavirus sensor' can detect early signs of virus, researchers say — Read on Fox News

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