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Dry Boxes for SMD Storage

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Dry Boxes and Baking Dry Cabinets for Electronic Component Storage

Ambient humidity can wreak havoc on moisture-sensitive SMDs during the reflow process. When these devices are subjected to the high temperatures of reflow soldering, gases within the component rapidly expand, resulting in packaging cracking ("popcorning") and delamination. These defects can be difficult to detect during PCB assembly and test and lead to early product failure in the field. Dry boxes, also known as dry cabinets or desiccant cabinets, have proven effective in preventing these defects. Unlike dry bags, Manncorp's ULTRA-DRY line of ultra low humidity dry cabinets for electronic component storage are not a consumable expense—you don't even need to replenish the desiccant. Simply store your MSDs, whether packaged loose or in trays or reels, in the dry cabinet, where relative humidity (RH) is maintained at 5% or less, in accordance with IPC J-STD-0338.1 and JEDEC standards for handling and storing MSDs. Data logging models even provide a record of humidity levels for process control. Baking dry cabinets (H series) not only provide humidity-safe storage for your components but can safely restore moisture-sensitive devices (MSDs) that have been exposed to humidity.

ULTRA-DRY PCB Dry Boxes, Baking Dry Boxes & MSD Storage Cabinets