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Check for Elevated Temperatures
as People Enter Your Facility

Using Rapid, No-Contact Temperature Screening
with Facial Detection & Recognition

Thermal Measuring Camera Detects Elevated Temperatures in Crowds

Fast - No Contact - Non-Invasive

Protect Your Workers, Visitors & Customers. Save Lives. Prevent Loss of Revenue.

Keep your workplace safer by screening for elevated temperatures at your building entrances. Slow the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

  • Thermal camera captures up to 10 people simultaneously and 30 people per second, ensuring no bottlenecks during shift changes and other high-traffic periods
  • Advanced facial detection allows individuals to keep their face masks, headgear, sunglasses, etc., on
  • System alerts as soon as an elevated temperature is detected and provides photo image for ease of identification
  • Built-in facial recognition allows you to set up alerts for anyone who has been flagged as quarantined
  • Alert temperature is user defined
  • Accuracy is within 0.54˚F (0.3˚C)
  • Remote monitoring from an LCD monitor or mobile app allows your operator to maintain safe distancing
  • Mobile app receives alerts, giving your operator freedom of movement and the ability to take care of other tasks until notified of an elevated temp

Add safe, affordable, and effective preliminary screening to your location and get your business back up and running safely. The Rapid, No-Contact Temperature Screening System with Facial Detection & Recognition is ideal for locations with shift changes, such as factories and manufacturing plants, warehouses, food processing, and healthcare facilities, as well as organizations and institutions with regular periods of high incoming foot traffic, such as schools, churches, and event venues, and retail businesses, including grocery stores and shopping malls, that have steady traffic throughout the day.

Compared to handheld temperature monitors, our no-contact system reduces manpower requirements, increases personnel safety, prevents bottlenecks, and reduces personal interactions. Plus:

  • System can be up and running in under 2 hours
  • Blackbody calibration box allows system to auto-compensate for ambient temperature changes, eliminating need for frequent manual re-calibration
  • Can be integrated with video surveillance and security systems from Milestone, Genetec, Avigilon, Axxon, ISS, Exacq and other VMS providers for a complete security solution

The FDA has expanded the use of telethermographic systems to initial body temperature assessment in high-traffic areas, such as factories, processing plants, warehouses, retail stores, etc., during the COVID-19 public health emergency. You can access the full guidance on the FDA's website.

System Includes

Thermal Camera

Calibration Box

AI Video Recorder

The Rapid No-Contact Temperature Screening System comes standard with one dual-lens thermal network camera, one blackbody calibration box, one 16-channel AI network video recorder with 4TB HDD and AI analytics for facial recognition, and the iPhone and Android compatible mobile app.

Complete kit only $19,299.96

ACT NOW: $0 down, 0% financing available. Own it for $1608/mo for 12 months.
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Do you need coverage at more than one entrance? Up to 3 Additional Checkpoint Kits can be added to the base system to allow you to monitor up to 4 entrances at once. Order Additional Checkpoint Kits here.

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About Us

The Rapid No-Contact Temperature Screening System is sold by Manncorp, Inc. The Manncorp family of companies includes electronics manufacturing equipment supplier Manncorp, Inc., which has been around for more than 50-years, LED lighting supplier, and lighting manufacturer LED Living Technology. The companies are based in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, and San Diego, California.

This product is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease or other medical condition. When this system detects elevated skin temperature, the finding should be confirmed using an approved medical thermometer. While fever is among the most common symptoms of COVID-19, infected individuals can be asymptomatic. The thermal measurement system cannot detect elevated body temperature in asymptomatic individuals.