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MC-400 Automatic Pick and Place

Built upon the same architecture as Manncorp’s popular MC Series of SMT pick and place machines, the new MC-400 is specially designed for startups, product development labs, and contract manufacturers that need to build prototypes or short runs in-house, with high-precision and quick turn-around times. The MC-400 can also be viewed as a long-term investment in pick and place capability for when volumes increase, as feeders, software, and accessories are fully compatible with the other members of the MC family.

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MC-400 automatic pick and place machine



Placement Specifications
Number of Placement Heads 1
Placement Rate (IPC-9850)* 2,500 CPH
Placement Rate (Max.) 3,000 CPH
Placement Accuracy ±0.05 (0.002")
Minimum Component Size 0201
Maximum Component Size 100 mm x 150 mm (3.94" x 5.9")
Minimum Component Lead Pitch 15 mil
BGA/CSP Placement Capability Yes - Standard
Alignment Method Full-Vision Alignment System
Pick Up Specifications
Tool Changer Included
Number of Tools 15
Accepts Additional Tool Changers Yes
Integral Vacuum Yes
PCB Specifications
PCB Loading Method Manual
Max. Placement Area 415 mm x 320 mm (16.3" x 12.5")
Fiducial Recognition/ Coordinate Correction Yes
Bad Mark Detection Yes
Feeder Capacity
Maximum Number of Feeder Ports 64
Maximum Number of Waffle Trays 3 (Waffle trays reduce placement area)
Operating System Windows® Based
PC, Keyboard, Mouse Yes
Monitor Flat LCD
Teaching Camera Yes
Numeric Data Entry Yes
CAD Download Yes
Step and Repeat for Matrix Boards Yes
Bar Code Reader for Feeders & Packaging Yes
MIS and Optimization Functions Yes
Off-Line Programming Yes
Dispenser Specifications
Dispensing Head Optional
Dispense Method Time/Pressure
Dot Size / Placement Speed Down to 0.5 mm / Up to 6,000 dots./hr
Mechanical Specifications
X-Y Axis Drive Mechanism Belt
X-Y Axis Drive Motors AC Servo
X-Y Axis Encoding Linear
X-Y Axis Resolution 0.005 mm (0.0002")
X-Y Axis Repeatability ±0.01 (10 µm)
Z Axis Drive Motor DC Servo
Z Axis Encoding Rotary
Z Axis Resolution 0.01 mm (0.0004")
Θ Axis Drive Motor DC Servo
Θ Axis Encoding Rotary
Θ Axis Resolution 0.045°
Θ Axis Range of Motion 0.09˚/step°
Physical Specifications
Overall Dimensions
(Approx. L x W x H)
952 mm L x 977.9 mm W x 1447.8 mm H
(37 1/2" x 38 1/2" x 57")
Approximate Net Weight 408 Kg (900 lbs.) With Stand
Facility Requirements
Standard Voltage 200-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Air Pressure 80 psi, 5 bar
Service and Support
Remote Diagnostics Ethernet
Warranty (Major Components) 1 Year


Large, precise component placement range
Dual vision systems provide efficiency and flexibility.

MC-400 places SMDs from 0201 to 100 mm x 150 mm, including BGAs, MBGAs, CSPs and µBGAs, micro lead frames (MLFs), flip chips, ultra-fine pitch to 15 mil and odd-form components. 

Cognex® on-the-fly and bottom vision alignment systems ensure accurate alignment of component connection points (leads, balls, bumps) to pads, with ±0.05 mm placement accuracy and ±0.01 mm repeatability.

Move quickly from prototyping to production
Generous placement area leaves room for waffle trays and/or cut tape strips.

With placement rates of 2,500 cph (IPC 9850), up to 64 feeder slots, and quality components such as X-Y linear encoders and smart feeders, users can move from prototype into production on the same machine, saving programming and job setup time. System software will optimize your feeder locations and placement sequences to achieve the greatest possible throughput. Learn more about MC series feeders.

Mistake-proof process thanks to intelligent, feature-rich software
Field-proven software features many advanced functions as standard

Programming this Windows®-based system is easy with its expandable component library, universal CAD data import, and teaching programming. The component library not only covers all common component package types and sizes, including resistors, capacitors, diodes, SOTs, PLCCs, QFPs, SOJs, SOPs, etc., but also links to the Smart Feeder software for easy feeder setup and inventory control.

Virtual PCB Simulator displays a preview of the assembled circuit board so that component types, placements, polarity and orientations can be verified before production starts while optimization tools analyze placement data and component mix to provide recommended feeder arrangement that minimizes head travel and tool changes, allowing for fastest production speeds.

Built-in fiducial mark search routines identify and correct for PCB offset or misalignment.

Visual Inspector verifies solder paste application and/or component placement on first article assembly.

Automatic, vision-assisted pick-up position adjustment can be activated to prevent pick-up errors from tapes with loose tolerances.

Reduce inventory costs 

For prototyping and other small jobs, keep costs down by purchasing only the quantity of components needed. Cut strip tape holders for the MC-400 are available for 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm and 24 mm tapes. The machine holds up to 40 (8 mm) cut strips, in addition to up to 32 slots available for tape and stick feeders. 

Semi-automatic mode allows for pick up, orientation and placement of loose parts from bulk component trays. Watch a video of loose parts placement in action.

Component feeding options are also very flexible.

Grow with Manncorp

MC-400 uses the same technology, feeders and software as all other MC series pick and place equipment, making it easy to expand production capabilities with additional MC machines as needed, or to upgrade to a larger machine for more speed and component coverage. Programs are portable from machine to machine, feeders interchangeable, and operators only need to learn one equipment software system.


MC-400 - Optics Specifications
Standard Optics Package
On-the-Fly Alignment
Minimum Component Size 0.6 mm x 0.3 mm (0201)
Maximum Component Size 16 mm x 14 mm (0.63" x 0.55")
Stationary Base-Mounted Camera BV-38
Minimum Component Size 0.6 mm x 0.3 mm (0201)
Maximum Component Size 100 mm x 150 mm (3.94" x 5.9")


Feeder Configurations

Click on a drawing or config. number to view configuration details and a larger illustration.

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