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MO-100 Split-Vision SMT Placement

Add high-precision placement capability to manual surface mount assembly operations with the Manncorp MO-100 split-vision SMT placement system. Ideal for use in prototype and low-volume production of assemblies that require accurate placement of ball-grid and fine pitch components.

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MO-100 split-vision placer for BGAs, CSPs, flip chips and fine pitch


MO-100 - Specifications
Component Size 70 x 70 mm (2.75" x 2.75") max.
Placement Accuracy ±0.05 mm
X-Axis & Y-Axis Adjustment Range ±6.5 mm
∅-Axis Range 60˚
PCB Size 20 x 20 mm (0.75" x 0.75") to
350 x 400 mm (13.75 x 15.75")
PCB Thickness 0.3 to 3 mm (0.01" x 0.125")
Worklight Gooseneck LED lamp
Voltage 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase
Dimensions (LxWxH) 600  x 500 x 500 mm (23.6" x 20" x 20")
Weight Approx. 30 kg (65 lbs)


Accurate Alignment of Difficult-to-Align Devices
Component leads and PCB pads are superimposed on a high-quality LCD screen for accurate alignment of SMDs

Split vision optics provide simultaneous, superimposed views of a component's leads and the PCB pads on the MO-100's high-definition LCD display, allowing for highly accurate alignment of BGAs, µBGAs, CSPs, flip chips and fine pitch QFP devices up to 70 x 70 mm. Ultra-fine adjustments are possible on the X, Y and Ø axes. The vision system provides real-time output, so that operators can watch the component move into alignment. Once aligned, the component is smoothly and gently lowered to the PCB.

Semi-Automatic System Gently Places Parts

Z-axis speed and height (adjusted for component height) are PLC controlled by stepper motor. Independent speed settings regulate the up and down head movement to provide controlled down-stroke speeds and quicker up-strokes, allowing for faster throughput.a>

Improve Product Quality & Reliability in Manually Assembled PCBs

MO-100 is a high-value, affordable and stand-alone solution for the placement of hard to handle and fine pitch components in manual, prototyping or repair surface mount assembly operations.



MO-100 Split-Vision Placement System includes:

  • Split-vision optics
  • High-definition LCD display
  • Ultra-fine X, Y and Ø axis adjustment
  • Precision-ground Z-axis guide rails
  • Vacuum component positioner
  • PLC control for Z-axis
  • PCB holder
  • LED work light
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