SpotCheck™ SMD Quick-Count Estimator

The SpotCheck™ Reel Estimator provides quick estimates of the number SMD components remaining on tape reels while the reels are mounted on the pick and place machine—no need to remove the tape from the machine's feeder, no need to thread leader tape, and no need to load reels onto a benchtop counter. Quickly check that you have enough components loaded for the job, take a spot inventory of components on hand, and set up jobs more efficiently with the affordable, handheld SpotCheck.

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Chris Ellis 215-869-8374
Ed Stone 215-808-6266

Get on top of your inventory

  1. Enter the outer diameter of reeled components
  2. Enter the innermost diameter on hub of reel
  3. Enter number of sprocket holes per component
  4. Use the built-in slotted gauge to measure the tape thickness & enter the value

The correct part count to within ±5% will display in processing window. When counting similar parts on other reels, only the tape thickness will need to be updated to obtain the each count.

SpotCheck Specifications
Accuracy Within ±5% for standard 13 mm center hole
and standard 4 mm spaced feed hole
Measures  Up to 13" (33 cm) OD reels.
(15" reels can be measured with user-supplied ruler)
Display Digital: Powered by 9 volt battery
Dimensions 7.5" (19 cm) x 4" (10 cm) x 1" (2.5 cm).
Weight 0.4 lbs. (180 g)
Warranty 1 Year


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