Magazine Loader / Drop Stack Loader

PCB Magazine Loader / Drop Stack Loader from Manncorp

Magazine Loader / Drop Stack Loader

Versatile Manncorp XL-390W-ST Magazine Loader / Drop Stack Loader can be used to load PCBs onto the production line from either magazines or stacks, simplifying double-sided board assembly.

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Load Bare Boards from Stacks

For single-sided or first-side assembly, simply place a stack of PCBs, up to 240 mm (9.42") tall, on the platform. An adjustable vacuum pick-up head transfers the PCBs, one by one, to the Magazine / Drop Stack Loader XL-390W-ST's 390 mm buffer conveyor for entry into the production line. Automatic stack height sensing alerts the operator when the stack is low.

Load Partially Assembled PCBs from Magazines

For second-side assembly, full magazines are loaded onto the upper platform and automatically moved to the indexing elevator, which transfers the PCBs onto the buffer conveyor. Empty magazines are automatically shuttled to the lower platform.

The XL-390W-ST Magazine Loader / Drop Stack Loader is compatible with standard CAB 601 and 701 or Nikko NKAJ 0525 Series magazines.

Magazine Loader / Drop Stack Specifications
PCB Size 50 mm L x 50 mm W to 535 mm L x 390 mm W
(1.97" L x 1.97" W to 21.06" L x 36.61" W)
PCB Stack Capacity 400 pcs. (0.6 mm thickness) or 240 mm
(9.45") stack height
PCB Thickness 0.4 mm min. (0.016" min.)
2.5 mm max. (0.098" max.)
Conveyor Direction Left to right (standard) or right to left (optional) operation
Conveyor 3 mm diameter edge belt
Air Supply Pressure 5-6 kg/cm2 (70-85 psi)
Air Consumption 10 I/min (.35 CFM)
Voltage 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power 300 VA max.
Machine Dimensions 2068 mm L x 1018.5 mm W x 1290 mm H
(81.5" L x 40" W x 50.8" H)
Net Weight 200 kg (440 lbs.)
Shipping Weight 450 kg (540 lbs.)

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