Custom PCB Assembly

Custom Production Lines for SMT PCB Assembly
If you’re just starting in-house printed circuit board assembly, it can be difficult to know precisely what your production requirements might be. At Manncorp, your success is our priority. Rest assured that we’ll be here with you every step of the way, offering you guidance throughout the entire process. We understand purchasing a PCB assembly line for is a long-term investment and enjoy supporting our customers through challenges as well as celebrating their successes. When you purchase from Manncorp, our dedicated team is available to answer questions and guide you as you work to improve your SMT production capabilities.

PCB Assembly Lines Built to Your Specifications
Whatever your requirements might be, we’re certain we can configure an assembly line for you. Get in touch with us for a free consultation and we'll begin working on a solution for you right away. From evaluating bill of materials and creating line drawings to ensure all equipment fits well in your space to securing initial financing, we're experienced at guiding customers as they take on and grow SMT production and prototyping. Our service and support team has over 150 years’ combined experience, so you know that we have the skills and the expertise to put any of your in-house production issues to rest. It’s easy to get a quote on single-sourcing your SMT lines that fits your needs, just reach out to Chris Ellis ( and send your BoM for evaluation.

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