Unique Applications, Meet the Perfect Machinery: Custom Manufacturing Equipment

From simple adjustments on standard equipment to specialized designs for completely unique projects, Manncorp has the custom machinery options for your specific application. We can help with all kinds of unique products and purposes, in and out of the SMT industry. The Manncorp team will listen to your company’s needs and help provide a custom solution.

Affordable Custom Solutions

Meeting special requirements with your equipment shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. Our team can make exactly what you need while striking a balance between specialty and affordability. At Manncorp, we can design custom solutions for conveyors, dry boxes, and reflow ovens without it costing much more than a standard machine – sometimes we can even make adjustments free of charge.

Unique Customization Options

No matter your company’s specifications, you can trust Manncorp to meet your production equipment needs. For reference, here are some customization options we have recently offered:

  • Higher Entrance Heights
    Clearance heights on our machines can be changed to accommodate tall items. Our team has seen applications that require a tunnel opening greater than 5 inches, and our ovens can easily be modified for unique products like this.
  • Right-to-Left Conveying
    For countries where the standard flow is from right-to-left, instead of the US standard of left-to-right, we can easily adjust our conveyors to fit your model.
  • Vertical Reflow Oven
    Save floor space in compact areas with a machine that takes up less square footage; we can provide a custom reflow oven that runs product vertically, rather than horizontally.

Custom Conveyors, Reflow Ovens, & Dry Boxes

1. Customizing Conveyors

When fulfilling custom equipment requests for conveyors, our team can do just about anything. Send in your custom belt type or size, and we will handle the rest.

Manncorp Customer Example

Outside of providing customized conveyor sizes and adjusting speeds, Manncorp has also received some unique requests involving weight requirements.

One customer was running heavy products and they needed to know if our conveyors could handle 80lbs of weight. Since the majority of what is run through our equipment is lightweight boards and components, some testing needed to be done to find out.

Team members in our West Coast headquarters were up to the task. They tested in-house demo equipment by placing weights on the conveyors. After being able to run 100lbs of weight, we could be sure that our customer’s product would be transported without issue.

This is just one example of how Manncorp will go above and beyond to be sure that you receive the right machinery for your unique application.

2. Specialized and Custom Reflow Ovens

Beyond offering special types of reflow ovens like those that utilize Nitrogen or Vapor Phase technology, and beyond offering a variety of ovens that have a range of zones and heated tunnel lengths, Manncorp also can design completely custom ovens.

Custom Ovens for Curing

One way our SMT reflow ovens have been modified is for curing special devices like glucose monitors. The team members at Manncorp can do this customization while also ensuring that your line is still usable for traditional SMT reflow.

Replacing the standard gearing allows the oven’s belt to run slowly enough for the long profile required in most curing applications. But it also provides the flexibility of switching back to quicker profiling when needed. As long as your SMT line is not at max capacity, this customization will eliminate the need for wasting precious floor space on a second oven.

CR-10000 10-Zone SMT Reflow Oven

Plus, for this type of curing alteration through Manncorp, there will be little to no charge.

Expert Tip: If you have a very high-volume line for curing, choose a 2-in-1 solution like our 10-zone reflow oven. Customizing can give you the flexibility of running a profile in the 90-minute range or switching to the 30-minute range, depending on the application.

Other Profile Speed Options

Customizing speed helps you eliminate the risk of damaging products. For customers with extra-long reflow ovens, the speed of the conveyor will often need to be increased to avoid exposing components to heat for too long. On the flip side, customers with compact lengths may need the oven conveyor to slow down.

Our freestanding 4-zone ovens, for example, are less than 80 inches long. With custom gearing, they can have belt speeds that allow a product to be in the oven for anywhere from 7 to 30 minutes—or even longer/shorter if needed.

Manncorp Customer Example

One of our customers uses reflow ovens to cure filters (about the size of an eraser head) for laboratory environments. To meet their specs, the Manncorp team removed the edge rail and the entrance exhaust port of their oven. Then extensions were added to the load/unload sections of the oven and we made a custom silicone belt that went through the oven and out to the extensions. Lastly, we added frequency converters to customize the airflow.

This customer went from buying one oven to buying nine, after experiencing the equipment made perfectly for their needs.

3. Unique Applications for Dry Boxes

Many products can benefit from being stored in Dry Boxes. Electronic components and moisture don’t mix well; the humidity-free environment of a standard dry box can help prevent damage. Then, for situations where the product has already gotten wet or been exposed to dampness, baking dry boxes can help revive it.

From saving an iPhone dropped into a pool, to ensuring that an irreplaceable telescope lens be kept perfectly dry, the uses for dry boxes are wide and varied. And by choosing to purchase dry box storage from Manncorp, our team can make any specific adjustments you need.

Getting Your Custom Solution

Find out more about what our team can do for you by reaching out to us. Text/Call 215-869-8374 or Email cellis@manncorp.com to receive an equipment quote and a plan for moving forward with your customized production goals.