Carolina Electronic Solutions Supercharges Production with Manncorp: A Remarkable Upgrade

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of Carolina Electronic Solutions' latest milestone in their journey of growth and innovation. Building upon their successful partnership with Manncorp that began in 2021, Carolina Electronic Solutions has taken their production capabilities to new heights with an impressive upgrade. This case study highlights the remarkable progress made by Carolina Electronic Solutions, showcasing their commitment to excellence and the instrumental role played by Manncorp in achieving their goals.

A Partnership Fueled by Success:

Carolina Electronic Solutions first joined forces with Manncorp in 2021, investing in the MC400 small volume and prototyping pick and place machine. This collaboration proved to be immensely fruitful, boosting their throughput rate and reinforcing their position as a leading provider of electronic solutions. If you missed the initial success story, you can find it here.

Taking Production to the Next Level:

Continuing their pursuit of excellence, Carolina Electronic Solutions has recently undertaken a remarkable expansion of their production capabilities. Thanks to their partnership with Manncorp, they have acquired the cutting-edge MC392 High Mix Pick & Place, a powerful addition to their production line. This new equipment boasts an impressive 96 feeder ports and a remarkable production speed of 6400 parts per hour, enabling Carolina Electronic Solutions to significantly enhance their efficiency and capacity.

MC392 High Mix Pick & Place

Comprehensive Upgrades:

The commitment to upgrading their production setup doesn't end there. Carolina Electronic Solutions has also added several other state-of-the-art equipment to their arsenal. These include the CR5000 5-Zone Inline SMT Reflow Oven, a certified, pre-owned MC600 Semiautomatic Stencil Printer, and the Sherlock 300F Benchtop AOI Machine. These new additions further streamline their operations, improve quality control, and enable them to tackle a wider range of projects.

Addressing Industry Challenges:

Luke Cranford, the visionary behind Carolina Electronic Solutions, cited a recent project where they successfully helped a new customer overcome challenges related to parts shortages and obsolete components. By engineering innovative solutions, Carolina Electronic Solutions not only resolved the customer's backlog but also positioned themselves as a trusted partner for future orders. This success story underscores their dedication to problem-solving and customer satisfaction.

Luke Cranford with the new MC392 Pick & Place

Reshoring and Local Demand:

In addition to addressing specific customer challenges, Carolina Electronic Solutions is witnessing a notable trend in the industry. Luke Cranford shared that there is a growing demand from local businesses to reshore their production, moving away from offshoring and returning to domestic manufacturing. This presents an excellent opportunity for Carolina Electronic Solutions to leverage their upgraded equipment and expertise in providing efficient and reliable electronics solutions.

A Testament to Future Plans:

Luke Cranford's foresight is becoming a reality, as he had previously mentioned plans to expand into an inline solution during the original blog two years ago. With the recent upgrades and additions to their production line, Carolina Electronic Solutions is rapidly transforming into a Manncorp showroom, showcasing the cutting-edge technologies and capabilities available.

Carolina Electronic Solutions' latest upgrade, made possible through their partnership with Manncorp, marks a significant milestone in their growth trajectory. With the acquisition of advanced equipment and their commitment to solving industry challenges, Carolina Electronic Solutions is well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of the electronics manufacturing landscape. We congratulate them on their achievements and eagerly anticipate their continued success in the future.