A Manncorp Success Story: Harrison Labs Switches to Manncorp for Improved Equipment & Services

About Harrison Labs

Harrison Laboratories Inc. (also known as HLabs) was started in 1971 as a Research & Development and Electronics Manufacturing company in Colorado. Throughout its history, HLabs has been devoted to designing and manufacturing Made-in-USA concepts. The industrial division of Harrison Labs, where Manncorp equipment is utilized, specializes in designing cost-effective prototypes and models in the electronics and electrical fields.

100% Solar Manufacturing

A standout business practice at Harrison Labs is their decision to have an off-grid, solar-powered facility. When asked about this setup and how it has impacted production, Stanley Harrison (owner/founder of Harrison Labs) told us, “The solar system we designed and built switches to the grid when occasionally overloaded. But this is not a grid-tied system, and there have been no production problems.”

Manncorp Equipment In Use

At Harrison Labs, they are using an MC392 Dual-Head, High Mix Pick & Place machine.

The MC392 pick & place machine is shown at Harrison Laboratories Inc., located in Parker, Colorado.

According to Stanley Harrison, their new MC392 runs boards at “5 times the speed” of their previous equipment. “This great machine keeps the board on the output section of the conveyor until the operator removes the board,” says Harrison. He also enjoys that the monitor “has a nice feature that shows the position of the PC boards on the conveyor, so a quick glance alerts the operator that the board is stuffed or almost completed.”

The Manncorp Buying Process and After-Care

We asked Harrison how his experience working with Manncorp compared to previous SMT purchases he has made. He reported that other companies they have “dealt with in the past” had “little or no customer service.” In fact, an SMT purchase they made shortly before switching to Manncorp “had so much trouble” that Harrison Labs “ended up donating it to a charitable organization.”

When working with this previous equipment provider, Harrison Labs was faced with a manufacturer who was unable to help with programming or troubleshooting issues and didn’t provide usable instruction manuals. “Manncorp, on the other hand,” says Harrison, “is easy to contact, is very helpful, and understands their products.”

When Harrison purchased their pick and place machine, Manncorp “provided 2 days of professional training in operation and maintenance,” which their team reports as being “extremely helpful” during the setup process.

Why Choose Manncorp?

Harrison told us that his opinion on Manncorp began forming years ago with smaller purchases, and this “good relationship” led Harrison to choose Manncorp as his new SMT equipment supplier.

Since making this choice, Harrison Labs says their overall experience has been positive. They told us they've received “very good customer service and excellent products.” We are also happy to report that the Harrison Labs team finds the Manncorp staff to be “very helpful and respond quickly to questions.”

Make the Leap Yourself

Are you interested in making the leap to purchase SMT equipment from Manncorp? If you want to make the switch like Harrison, feel free to reach out! You can text or call Chris Ellis on the East Coast (215.869.8374) or Ed Stone on the West Coast (215.808.6266). We hope to make your equipment experience a success story, too.