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A Manncorp Success Story: ROW6 Receives Customer Training to Bring Production In-House

Manncorp customer, ROW6 Inc., recently decided to take advantage of our customer training services. Manncorp technicians provided their in-house production team with custom advice and SMT training on their new equipment. CEO of ROW6, John Kerr, has reached out to us since the install and training to share the experience they had with the Manncorp service team.

Manncorp & ROW6

Before ROW6 decided to invest in Manncorp equipment, John Kerr explains that they “actually engaged with the Manncorp team for a year in advance.” Ed Stone, the Manncorp West Coast Sales Manager, gave ROW6 “a pre-sales checklist” that helped guide them during the buying process. “Based on the type of prototype development we needed at the time,” says Kerr, “the Manncorp team discussed what our immediate needs were and how we were expected to grow.”

According to Kerr, their decision to go with Manncorp was based on a mixture of the “customer service being outstanding” and Manncorp being “the best choice for the size of line [ROW6] needed.”

The Equipment used by ROW6

Initially, ROW6 brought production in-house with:

Pictured (left to right): MC110 Manual PCB Stencil Printer, MC385V2V Dual-Head Pick and Place, CR4000C 4-Zone SMT Reflow Oven

After using the Manual Stencil Printer for about a year, Kerr explains that they “decided to upgrade to an automatic stencil printer to speed up the process.”

Now, their current line-up is:

Utilizing their Manncorp equipment, ROW6 has been able to increase the speed of producing many of the components that go into their products. Kerr tells us, “We really enjoy the flexibility of having the Manncorp equipment and not having to deal with another company’s manufacturing delays.”

About Row6 and What They Make

ROW6 Inc. develops the hardware and software fabric necessary for accelerating “edge computing by orchestrating PCIe-attached smart devices.” Their goal is to bring “high performance computing to the masses.”

Top Product: The ROW6 JBOX System

ROW6’S JBOX system is a shallow-depth, standard rack-mount system that supports up to 32 endpoints. It provides superior computation performance and high storage density while consuming extremely low amounts of power.

Customer Training for Bringing Production In-House

Prior to purchasing equipment from Manncorp, “the ROW6 team had no previous experience with SMT equipment,” says Kerr. But they took advantage of the specialized training and install services offered by Manncorp. As a result, Kerr says, “we were quickly able to stand up our own assembly line at ROW6.” The Manncorp technicians are happy to report that ROW6 was able to begin production immediately after the install and training, and the line was up and running before they even left.

Overall, ROW6 found: “The training was very thorough and allowed our engineering team to quickly utilize the Manncorp equipment.”

As ROW6 has continued producing in the last year and half, the Manncorp team has helped give specific advice to their team and Kerr says they have received the answers to all their questions. “The Manncorp team,” he tells us, “has helped us define the manufacturing process for several of our products by showing us the way they would approach the build.”

The Result of Customer Training

As a result of the training, ROW6 reports a positive transition to creating their products in-house. Kerr says, “We are very impressed with the ease at which we can manufacture components for our production systems.” The equipment purchased from Manncorp has allowed ROW6 to quickly produce prototypes and specialized boards for their customers. “Many times, we are able to take a new idea or concept and have something available for use in a 1- to 2-month timeframe.”

Final Word from ROW6

John Kerr from ROW6 summed up his experience with Manncorp’s equipment and services as, “Fantastic.” He found the experience and help his team gained from the customer training to be “paramount” in their success with bringing production in-house.

Receiving Customer Training or Equipment Guidance

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