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Meet the Service Team: Eric Bach

After spending two years in the army as a communications major, Eric Bach attended an electrical engineering school. After graduation, Eric flew to San Diego to join Manncorp's service team. That was 20 years ago. Eric is now Manncorp's Service Manager.

Eric Bach Service Manager Manncorp

"Working for Manncorp never gets boring," Eric says. "With all the changes in the industry, the challenge for Manncorp is to stay ahead of the technology and provide updated machines that can handle the latest trends. This also means that we, the techs, need to be up-to-date and understand the latest updates and changes to the machines.

"At the same time, we have machines that are no longer manufactured but are still used by some of our customers. Last month, for example, a customer contacted us with a problem he had with a pick and place machine from the last century. He was having difficulty teaching a reference point with the automatic vision system; the software returned an error message. The machine was still running a DOS-based software, and the problem was that he'd assigned an area that was too larger than the system's memory could handle. Making the area smaller fixed his problem."

It's a testament to the quality of Manncorp equipment—and the service team that supports them—that manufacturers are still using machines built decades ago.

The service team also support each other, to the benefit of Manncorp customers. "All the techs here work very closely together," Eric says. "If somebody gets stuck or does not know an answer, one of the other techs is there to help."

Eric and his wife have two sons, a 19-year-old who is going to school in Germany, and a 5-year-old who keeps the family busy with LEGOs, Star Wars, and a backyard trampoline.