MC-301-Benchtop-Batch-Reflow-Oven Auto-Dip-3530TS-Dip-Soldering 4500R-Precision-Manual-Stencil-Printer SMT-Place-2000-Manual-Pick-and-Place

Manufacturing costs up due to the new import tax? Contact Manncorp to help reduce costs.


  • Manncorp's Technicians Have Got Your Back

    At Manncorp, we always do our best to ensure that your conversion process is as painless as possible. Our technicians are there to answer any of your questions during installation, equipment training, and beyond. Read more
  • Robert Keeley Takes Control of Pedal PCBA

    Moving from sourcing his boards from another company to producing them entirely on his own has allowed Keeley to cut down on production lead times and speed up the prototyping process. With these capabilities, Keeley has the flexibility to offer even more pedal options to artists striving to define their signature sound. Read more
  • Finance Your SMT Line with no Payments Until Next Year

    In keeping with our ongoing theme of bringing your SMT production in-house, we’re proud to introduce you to a helpful financing opportunity. Take advantage of this financing plan, and you won’t need to make your first payment on your purchase until January 2019. Read more
  • What Can Section 179 Deductions Save You?

    The prospect of buying a full turnkey line to bring your PCB assembly in-house can be a daunting one. Luckily, there are an array of options available to make the transition easier for you. One solution to your issues may be making use of a Section 179 deduction. In 2018, Section 179 has been updated to allow you to take advantage of expedited depreciation. Read more
  • How Tariff Costs Can Impact Your Business

    The introduction of new tariffs on imports has left many businesses scrambling to find alternatives. With a 25% tax increase on imported goods, these new tariffs can have a wide-ranging negative impact on your day-to-day business. Tariffs are just another issue on top of the many problems that importing circuit boards for your products can create. If your business depends on boards targeted by these increases, you may be casting about for a solution. Read more
  • What are Dry Boxes? - SMT Learning Center

    Of all the product reliability problems facing assemblers, internal component damage in moisture-sensitive devices is one of the most easily preventable. It requires no calibrating, there is no process drift to monitor—you simply need proper storage. Read more
  • Bringing Your SMT Assembly In-House

    Three OEM companies share their experience with bringing their SMT assembly in-house, including cost, maintenance, benefits, and payback timelines. Read more
  • 8 Reasons to Finance Your Next Pick & Place Machine (Or Your Whole Assembly Line)

    Most of our customers use financing rather than capital outlays to grow their manufacturing business, and they have a number of smart reasons for doing so. Read more
  • What Size Reflow Oven Do You Need?

    Many electronic assemblers assume they need a longer reflow oven to meet their throughput requirements and to provide more precise control of their solder profiles, especially if they’re working with lead-free solders. As a result, many manufacturers find themselves spending more money—and sacrificing more floor space—than they really need to. Read more
  • Estimating Pick & Place Machine Costs Through BOM Analysis

    A new pick & place machine is a sizable investment, one you don't want to be paying off years down the road. Armed with a little knowledge before you pick out your machine, however, you may be able to recoup your investment in a year—or less. Manncorp breaks down the process. Read more

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