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  • Manncorp Assists Northwestern University’s Efforts Against COVID-19

    These systems provide ICU-grade measurements of heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, and blood oxygenation levels through a wireless, wearable format. These monitoring systems have been identified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as critical technologies in the battle against the epidemic. Read more
  • How Manncorp is Supporting our Customers

    In this difficult time caused by the COVID-19 virus, businesses are being forced to adapt. Business is not as usual, and we at Manncorp have come to appreciate the benefits of remote services. Our model has always included remote services free of cost for our customers; this allows the machines we sell to be up and running faster, while also eliminating the cost of sending a technician. However, this recent crisis has led to our team brainstorming some innovative new ideas. Read more
  • Unmatched Service

    Here at Manncorp, we have a top-notch team of experts dedicated to providing you with the best services possible. Our service team supports you, and our members support one another. Our team leader, Eric attests to this, observing how all the techs work together as a cohesive unit. “One of our techs is always here to help,” says Eric. This teamwork results in the most benefits for our customers. Read more
  • Manncorp Exhibits New Production Line at APEX 2020

    Didn’t attend the expo? You can still get a firsthand look at our new production line by watching our APEX 2020 video below. Ed, our superhero sales manager, walks us through each piece of equipment. Read more
  • Manncorp East Unveils a Brand New Demo Center

    Manncorp is proud to unveil a brand new demonstration center. If you’re looking to bring your SMT production in-house, there’s no better time to come and see the equipment. Read more
  • Micro-Air Upgrades Their In-House Assembly

    After 35 years pioneering custom marine and RV air conditioning controls, Micro-Air turned to Manncorp to meet its growing automatic assembly and production requirements. Founder Andy Spaziani looked to increase production speed and efficiency in the now-expansive recreational air conditioning market. Read more
  • Check Out This APEX Interview With Ed Stone

    Check out this interview with our National Sales Manager, Ed Stone, at the IPC APEX Expo regarding our machinery and some of the projects that we have in the pipeline. Read more
  • Come See Us at Apex!

    With the IPC APEX Expo looming, Manncorp is getting ready to make an appearance and show off some of our exciting products. If you can’t make it out to San Diego for the show, however, there’s no need to worry. We’re also offering great deals to customers across the country on the machinery that we’re bringing to the show. Read more
  • Manncorp's Technicians Have Got Your Back

    At Manncorp, we always do our best to ensure that your conversion process is as painless as possible. Our technicians are there to answer any of your questions during installation, equipment training, and beyond. Read more
  • Robert Keeley Takes Control of Pedal PCBA

    Moving from sourcing his boards from another company to producing them entirely on his own has allowed Keeley to cut down on production lead times and speed up the prototyping process. With these capabilities, Keeley has the flexibility to offer even more pedal options to artists striving to define their signature sound. Read more

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