AP1200/AP1500 Inline Large Board Stencil Printer

This automatic stencil printer can accomplish a 1200 x 300 mm or a 1500 x 300 mm print area. It is fully automatic and inline, capable of accommodating stencil frames from 300 x 300 mm to 560 x 1800 mm. Its vacuum table holding capability makes it ideal for long LED panels, LED strips, and oversized PCBs. It features automatic, accurate vision-based alignment of the PCB to the stencil, plus automatic stencil cleaning to ensure continuous production.


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Installation and Training + $3,500.00

Ideal for LED Strip Production

The AP1200/AP1500 provides fast, high-precision printing for LED panels. This stencil printer’s unique clamping device prevents flexible boards from bending. The vacuum table ensures that long PCBs lay flat and it moves to align the PCB to the stencil.

Fully Automatic Assembly

Boards are automatically transported from the loader and aligned to the stencil. Automated production lowers the stencil and prints solder paste onto the pads at a programmable speed and pressure. The stencil then lifts from the board—also at a programmable speed—and the board is transported upline to the next processing step.

Graphical Interface Programming

This printer can be up and running quickly after install, thanks to simple Windows-based programming. All parameters, including print speed (programmable from 20 to 120 mm/s), stroke length, and squeegee pressure, are fully programmable via the GUI. During operation, all details, including process status of the current job, are displayed on the screen. Multiple user permission levels prevent important machine parameters from being accidentally changed.

Dual, Independent Print Heads

Two print heads are controlled by high-precision ball-screw drives with a programmable transport speed. Print pressure is uniformly and accurately controlled to increase throughput. Self-leveling squeegees automatically adjust to the stencil surface to ensure perfect registration on every print.

Advanced Vision Alignment

The AP1200/AP1500's advanced imaging system eliminates the need for specialized fiducial marks—any pad, from 0.5 mm to 3 mm, can be used in place of a fiducial mark. Multi light source selection allows the vision system to work with a range of PCB substrate colors when learning fiducial reference points.


The efficient single-stage PCB transport system is SMEMA-compatible; this machine can be connected for seamless integration with the other production equipment in your assembly line.

Under-Stencil Wiping Options

Automatic wet/dry/vacuum under-stencil cleaning is included with the AP1200/AP1500. The system can be programmed to clean the stencil using any combination of dry wipe, wipe with solvent (“wet wiping”), or wipe combined with a vacuum to draw material out of the apertures.

Printing Speed
20 to 120mm/s (servo controlled)
Vision Alignment System
Automatic (AT-Align system)
Stencil Frame Size (External Dimensions)
AP1200: 300 x 300 mm to 560 x 1500 mm
(11.8" x 11.8" to 22" x 59")
AP1500: 300 x 300 mm to 560 x 1800 mm
(11.8" x 11.8" to 22" x 71")
Board Size
AP1200: Min: 100 x 50mm Max: 1200 x 300mm
AP1500: Min: 100 x 50mm Max: 1500 x 300mm
Board Thickness
0.4 to 5 mm
Board Warpage
Max PCB 1% of diagonal line
Blade Type
Metal or plastic, 45° or 60°
XY Adjustment
Radial Adjustment
Printing Accuracy
Registration Repeatability
PCB Fixation
Screw clamping system and vacuum
5 x 7 mm
Vision Fiducial
Standard fiducial and any pads, 0.5 to 3 mm
Air & Power Requirements
220VAC 50-60 Hz power, 75psi (5 bar) air
Dimensions (L x W x H)
AP1200: 91" x 67" x 74" (2300 x 1704 x 1878 mm)
AP1500: 103" x 49" x 61" (2600 x 1225 x 1530 mm)
AP1200:1918 lbs (870 kg)
AP1500:2646 lbs (1200 kg)

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