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Manncorp: Supplying Electronics Manufacturers Since 1967

In the 1960's, when the newly invented transistor began replacing the cumbersome vacuum tube, a new industrial revolution was born. Soon thereafter, a young entrepreneur seized an opportunity. From his station wagon, Henry Mann began selling specially designed tools used to insert through-hole components in circuit boards. Back then, this was all done by hand—but not for long.

As the electronics industry advanced, Manncorp moved to its forefront and today offers state-of-the-art machines that cover the entire surface mount production process, from prototyping to mid-volume assembly.

66 Dodge WagonThe '66 Dodge station wagon was replaced long ago by Manncorp's advanced web-related marketing applications, revolutionizing the way capital equipment is purchased. Our direct-to-you website sales process allows you to reduce the need for traditional and potentially cumbersome on-site equipment demonstrations and aggressive sales calls before product delivery. This website is designed to easily offer you the pricing and products you require, delivered when you need it without delay from both the east and west coast.

Registered users can access web-only discounted quotes by clicking on the Insta-Quote button related to the product(s) they are interested in. Our unique Insta-Quote feature provides you with real-time, customized, printable pricing information for budget analysis, management review or competitive pricing—all from the privacy of your computer.

We also offer informative technical data, convenient sales consultation, on-site training, annual maintenance and one-year warranties for each system and product we sell. All backed by the Manncorp name and our proud history as a leading provider of electronics equipment since 1967.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving you. Working with us, you'll experience first-hand our adherence to the very same principles adopted nearly 50 years ago: Providing the equipment that best serves the needs of its user, pricing it right, delivering it on time, and backing it with after-sale service. We trust this policy will have you join the ranks of thousands of dedicated Manncorp customers throughout the Western Hemisphere.