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Benchtop Pick and Place System with FVX Alignment Intelligence™

High-tech entrepreneurial startups, military subcontractors, universities, independent labs and job-shops, assembling small quantities of very focused, application-specific products, can now easily and reliably place the most difficult SMDs - from small 0402 chip components through large BGAs or high pin-count QFPs with 0.6 mm lead pitch.

Manncorp FVX Benchtop Pick and Place

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FVX alignment algorithm uses top/side and/or bottom vision
Easy load/unload PCB slider for 390 x 310 mm boards
Up to 27 automatic tape and reel feeders
Up to 30 automatic cut strip tape feeders [cap]Three 5-lane auto-indexing cut strip tape cassettes are included, two that hold five 8 mm tape strips each and one that holds two 12 mm, two 16 mm and one 24 mm tape strips.
Tray holders for waffle pack or short cut tape strips
Vibratory stick feeders also available
Connects to Windows™ PC or laptop via USB

Made and fully supported in the USA

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FVX FVX $29,995.00
FVX alignment intelligence algorithm

A Radical Change in Benchtop Pick and Place Technology
Key to the FVX benchtop pick and place performance is an alignment intelligence algorithm that quickly and accurately examines a picture of any surface mount part and identifies its placement center without the need for complex setup parameters or reference images. What's more, the FVX includes a wide variety of feeder and component presentation options that are specifically designed for users building prototype or pilot production quantities of product, subject to multiple manufacturing revs, short timetables and tight budgets, with low inventories of components and no margin for error or waste.
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FVX Sliding PCB Holder

Sliding PCB Holder
In a matter of seconds, PCBs up to 310 mm x 390 mm (12.2" x 15.35") are inserted securely into a convenient loading/unloading fixture that includes easily adjustable rails and universal magnetic board supports. The fixture is then slid into the FVX's work envelope where the head-mounted camera and FVX Alignment Intelligence software perform transformation of all X, Y, and θ-axis coordinates using intelligent fiducial alignment to ensure extreme placement accuracy. At this point, assembly commences; there is no need for the operator to open the safety covers and reach awkwardly over feeders and reels of components into the work area. When assembly is complete, the operator simply slides the fixture out of the system and lifts the freshly populated PCB safely and easily from the board holder.
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Single-Part Indexing Tape & Reel Feeders

Single-Part Indexing Tape & Reel Feeders
The FVX system can be outfitted with one air-actuated automatic tape feeder base, mounted on the left side of the system, to accept up to a maximum of 27 single-index, 8 mm tape & reel feeders. Individual 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, and 44 mm tape feeders can be purchased to meet the component usage requirements of each application. Depending on their widths, 12 mm tape feeders and larger will occupy two or more lanes of the automatic tape feeder base. 8 mm tape feeders are available for both standard 4 mm indexing, as well as 2 mm indexing for 0402 chip components.
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Automatic Cut Strip Tape Feeders

Automatic Cut Strip Tape Feeders
In low-volume assembly, tape reels can create inventory and kitting issues. At all assembly levels, expensive components can be lost in the process of loading reels into automatic tape feeders when insufficient leader tape is available. Manncorp's exclusive Automatic Cut Strip Tape Feeders allow strips of tape cut from reels to be presented for pickup, eliminating component waste and simplifying kitting in applications where component use is low. A Cut Strip Base can also be mounted on the right side of the FVX to hold up to six Automatic Cut Strip Tape Feeder Cassettes for a maximum capacity of thirty 8 mm tape strips. FVX includes a 30-lane Cut Strip Base and three cut strip tape feeder cassettes: two with five 8 mm lanes each and one with two 12 mm, two 16 mm and one 24 mm lane. Learn more about cut strip tape feeding in the Feeders tab.
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IC Tray/Cut Strip Holder

IC Tray/Cut Strip Holder
The FVX software is so easy to use that small cut strips of taped SMDs can simply be set on any flat surface and held in place with double-sided tape for pickup. Strip locations for low-usage components can be taught in seconds using the first and last pocket locations. IC trays are just as easy to teach.
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Multi-Lane Stick/Tube Feeders

Multi-Lane Stick/Tube Feeders
Multi-lane vibratory stick/tube feeders attach to the standard 27-lane automatic feeder bases and accept multiple sticks/tubes of various widths (capacity/number of tubes is a function of tube width). To conserve tape feeder capacity, they can also be mounted on the rear side of the system.
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width="785" height="442" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/MLI_o5SdRMo?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen
FVX - Specifications
PCB Size (Max) 390 mm X 310 mm (15.4" x 12.2")
PCB Size (Min) 50 mm x 50 mm (2" x 2")
PCB Thickness 0.8 – 2.3 mm (0.031" – 0.091")
Placement Rate 2200 cph (Flying Vision)
Up to 1200 cph (Bottom Vision)
Placement Accuracy ±0.1 mm (±0.004")
Component Size 1.0 mm x 0.5 mm (0402) to 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm (0603) (Flying Vision)
Up to 45 mm x 30 mm (Bottom Vision)
Minimum Component Lead Pitch 0.6 mm (25 mil) w/ Bottom Vision
X-Y Axis Resolution 0.03 mm (0.0012")
Z Axis Resolution 0.025 mm (0.001")
Theta Axis Resolution 0.1°/step (equates to 0.03mm accuracy for 40mm part)
Dimensions Machine: 28" (710 mm) W x 30" (760 mm) D x 26" (660 mm) H
Crated : 52" (132 cm) W x 44" (113 cm) D x 57" (145 cm) H
Weight 133 lb. (60 kg) -- Crated: 250 lb. (113 kg)
Power Supply 110 V, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz standard
220 V, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz available
Air Supply 80 psi clean dry air
Environment Temperature 10-30°C
Humidity 50-80%
Computer Requirements Dual-core processor (minimum) running Windows™ XP (32-bit and 64-bit, 2GB system memory recommended for optimal performance) or
Windows™ 7 (32-bit and 64-bit, 4GB system memory recommended for optimal performance)
2 USB connections (1 for Controller Communications, 1 for Video)

FVX Key Features

  • Made and fully supported in the USA
  • Totally integrated hardware and software solution that takes low- to medium-volume automatic SMT assembly to new levels of precision, reliability, and ease-of-use
  • Compact custom electronics, designed exclusively for the FVX, incorporates modular motor driver boards, vision intelligence, and integrated video switching on a single mother board
  • Highly efficient, stand alone software application with intuitive user interface connects via USB and will run on any dual-core computer running Windows™ XP or later
  • FVX alignment algorithm requires no complicated parameter settings or reference libraries and is very tolerant of ambient light changes, resulting in extremely simple setup and short learning curve
  • Multiple alignment options using side and bottom cameras, and a fiducial intelligent transform, ensures a placement accuracy of ±0.1 mm (±0.004") needed for 0402 chip components
  • Automatic radial distortion correction for bottom vision camera allows precise image stitching and alignment of large BGAs up to 40 x 40 mm and high pin-count QFPs with 0.6 mm lead pitch
  • Wide variety of auto-advance feeders for full reels or cut strips of taped components, vibratory stick feeders, grid-tray holders, and low-cost component presentation schemes for small quantity SMDs
  • System comes with a 27-lane feeder base, 30-lane  cut strip feeder base, two automatic cut strip feeders holding five 8 mm cut tape strips each and one automatic cut strip feeder for two 12 mm, two 16 mm and one 24 mm cut strip tape.

FVX - Optional Feeder Mounts
27-Lane Automatic
Tape & Reel Feeder Base
(mounted on left side of system, holds Automatic Tape & Reel Feeders) One 27-lane base is included with the FVX.
Cut Strip
Mounting Stand
(mounted on right side of system, holds 6 Auto-Index Cut Strip Cassettes for a maximum capacity of up to 30 lanes of 8 mm tape) One Cut Strip Mounting Stand is included with the FVX.
Additional 27-Lane Automatic Tape & Reel Feeder Base (mounts to right side of system in place of included Cut Strip Mounting Stand, holds Automatic Tape & Reel Feeders)

FVX - Feeders (standard and optional)
IC Tray Holder (one included for single 330 mm x 140 mm JEDEC Tray; mounts on Sliding PCB Holder.*)
*Note: Reduces PCB capacity accordingly.
Automatic Tape & Reel Feeders 8 mm (4 mm index),
8 mm (2 mm index), 12, 16, 24, 32, 44mm
(ordered separately; mount to 27-Lane Automatic Tape & Reel Feeder Base)
Cut Strip Cassettes
5-Lane 8mm
4-Lane 12mm
5-Lane (2 x 12 mm, 2 x 16 mm, 1 x 24 mm)
(ordered separately; mount to Cut Strip Mounting Stand) *Note: Auto-Index Cut Strip Cassettes may only be mounted on the right side of the system only.
Two 5-lane 8 mm and one 5-lane multilane (2 x 12 mm, 2 x 16 mm and 1 x 24 mm) cassettes are included with the FVX.
Multi-Lane Vibratory SOP Stick Feeder Holds approximately 8 sticks/tubes depending on component width (optional; comes with mounting base for rear side mounting; also mounts to 27-Lane Automatic Feeder Base)

How the Auto-Index Cut Strip Cassettes Work

The cassette present a short section of each tape to the pickup head, and for each subsequent pickup the head indexes the pocket pitch distance, until that section of tape is empty. As components are needed, an actuator on the head mechanism indexes the tapes a programmable distance, exposing the desired number of tape pockets to the pickup head.

FVX Main Board

FVX Main Board
The FVX development team believed that most off-the-shelf vision processing systems and algorithms were far too complex, light sensitive, and expensive for use in most pick and place applications. For this reason, from the very start the goal was to create a "parameter-less" alignment system that uses no reference images, is fail-safe, and is very easy to use. Once the decision was made to develop a new "alignment intelligence" system, along with the microprocessor and control software to accompany it, the integration of multi-camera video switching, X-Y-Z axis motor drivers, and all other pick and place machine functions onto a main board was a foregone conclusion. Production versions of the FVX Main Board with vision processor and modular motor control boards (shown at left), are all built with the FVX Bench Top Pick and Place System.
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FVX Alignment Intelligence Algorithm

FVX Alignment Intelligence Algorithm
The FVX Alignment Intelligence algorithm quickly and accurately examines a picture of any surface mount part and identifies its X-Y offset and angular error. The algorithm requires no setup parameters and can identify and align any object on any reasonably consistent background. No reference images are required and no special lighting characteristics are required. In fact, this system is very tolerant of ambient light changes. Alignment speeds are fast...benchmark test images on a 720x480 image typically take 350ms on a dual core computer running Windows 7. Such high speed also allows for precise image stitching and automatic correction of radial distortion from the bottom vision camera when aligning large BGAs up to 45 x 30 mm and high pin-count QFPs with 0.6 mm lead pitch. Most importantly, the FVX algorithm significantly simplifies user setup and interaction with machine vision processing, yielding extremely high reliability and repeatable results.
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Streamlined Application Software and User Interface

Streamlined Application Software and User Interface
The FVX Pick and Place and Alignment Intelligence™ software is a highly efficient, stand-alone application with a memory consumption of only 17 MB, even during vision processing. With fully multi-threaded implementation for optimal user response and speed, the FVX software will run on any dual-core PC or laptop (running Windows™ XP or later) with two USB connections (one for communication with the FVX and one for video). There are no other dependencies or .dll files, essentially making the software "crash-proof." The user interface has been designed for extreme ease-of-use with a very short learning curve. Component and feeder libraries are easily edited and integrated with PCB assembly/coordinate data, and optimized build lists are generated automatically for each project.
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FVX Benchtop Pick & Place System Includes:

  • Main Frame with FVX Controller Board and Power Supply
  • Head-Mounted Camera for Top and Side Vision Alignment of Components from 1.0 mm x 0.5 mm (0402) to 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm (0603)
  • Base-Mounted Bottom Vision Camera for Alignment of CSPs, BGAs, and QFPs (0.6 mm lead pitch) Up To 45 mm x 30 mm
  • Automatic Vacuum Nozzle Changer w/ Complete Set of Nozzles
  • Sliding PCB Holder for Easy Loading and Unloading of Boards Up To 310mm x 390mm (12.2" x 15.4")
  • One 27 Lane Automatic Tape & Reel Feeder Base
  • One 30 Lane Automatic Cut Strip Feeder Base
  • Two AUTOSTRIP Cut Strip Cassettes with five 8 mm lanes each (p/n 077178)
  • One AUTOSTRIP Cut Strip Cassette with two 12 mm, two 16 mm and one 24 mm lane (p/n 077188)
  • One Manual IC Tray Holder for JEDEC size trays (approx. 330 mm x 135 mm)
  • Windows®7, XP Compatible FVX Alignment Intelligence Software with CAD Import Capability (runs on Customer Provided PC or Laptop)
  • Voltage: 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 220 V available at no charge
  • Dimensions: 710 m. 60 kg (133 lb.)
  • 1-Year Parts Warranty