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Turnkey SMT Assembly Systems for Any Capacity or Budget

Manncorp's exclusive turnkey systems are pre-configured to meet a wide range of throughput, precision, and budgetary requirements. Bench-top systems for prototyping and testing, medium-volume work cells for short-run, high-component-mix assemblies, and fully-automated lines for high-volume production are designed for exceptional value and easy implementation. Single sourcing also simplifies the commissioning of equipment, especially when installation and training are provided by Manncorp's team of experienced technicians. All turnkey packages are backed by a limited 2-year warranty, including customized turnkey packages constructed with the assistance of a Manncorp technical representative. Feeders not included with below pricing.
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Bench-Top Turnkey Systems
for Surface Mount Training, Prototyping, and Pilot Production
BT Series


  • RT2100 Stencil Printer
  • SMT Place 2000 Semi-Automatic Placement System
  • 850 Benchtop Reflow Oven

  • RT2100 Stencil Printer
  • FVX Pick and Place System
  • MC-301 Benchtop Reflow Oven


Medium-Volume Turnkey Systems
for Short-Run, High-Component-Mix SMT Assembly
MV Series


  • MC110 Stencil Printer
  • MC-400 Pick and Place System
  • MC-301 Benchtop Reflow Oven

  • 4500 Stencil Printer
  • MC-385V1V Pick and Place System
  • CR-4000T Reflow Oven

  • 5500 Stencil Printer
  • MC-392 Pick and Place System
  • CR-4000C Reflow Oven


High-Volume Throughput
with Ultra-Fine-Pitch and Ultra-High-Component-Mix Capability
HV Series


  • MC1400 Automatic Batch Stencil Printer
  • MC-385V2V Pick and Place System w/Conveyor
  • CR-5000 Reflow Oven

  • AP2500 Automatic In-Line Stencil Printer
  • MC-388 Pick and Place System
  • CR-6000 Reflow Oven

  • AP3000 Automatic In-Line Stencil Printer
  • MC-385V2V Pick and Place Systems (2)
  • CR-8000 Reflow Oven


Semi- and Fully-Automatic Turnkey Systems
for High-Volume LED Strip and Panel Production
LED Series


  • MC110 Stencil Printer w/ Large Board Adapter
  • MC-LEDV4 Pick and Place System
  • CR-4000T Reflow Oven

  • MC-CV120 Automatic Loader for 1200mm Substrates
  • MC3000 Automatic In-Line Stencil Printer
  • MC-LEDV4 Pick and Place System
  • CT-130 Inspection Conveyor
  • CR-6000 Reflow Oven

Financing Option Available
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