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ULTIMA Series - Selective Soldering Systems

"The ULTIMAte Solution for Soldering Through-Hole Components to Mixed Technology PCBs"

Due to their speed, consistency, and affordable pricing, the ULTIMA series of selective soldering systems provide quick ROI for companies that rely on hand soldering or custom wave soldering fixtures to solder through-hole components to surface mount and mixed-technology PCBs. The ULTIMA systems are unique in that their high-precision X-, Y- and Z-axis drive mechanism moves the PCB, rather than the solder pot. This innovative design produces systems that are compact, easy to maintain, and extremely accurate. Full programmability of board travel, wave height, and solder flow ensure perfect results.

The ULTIMA series includes the benchtop TR2 for boards up to 330 x 250 mm (13" x 10") and the larger STR2-L for 460 x 380 mm (18" x 15") assemblies. While fluxing can be performed in a variety of means (manual, spray, etc.) consistent with individual budgets, both the TR2 and STR2-L can also be purchased with separate fluxing units that selectively apply a fine, atomized jet of flux to only those areas of the PCB to be soldered. Due to their shorter cycle times, a single fluxing system can typically support three or more selective soldering machines. For those who prefer an all-in-one solution, the ULTIMA NEO-L includes both selective soldering and selective fluxing for PCBs up to 460 x 380 mm (18" x 15").

Selective Soldering System
Ultra-compact benchtop model for PCBs to 330 x 250 mm (13" x 10").
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Large Board Selective Soldering
High-precision selective soldering for PCBs to 460 x 380 mm (18" x 15").
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Selective Soldering & Fluxing
All-in-one selective fluxing & soldering for PCBs to 460 x 380 mm (15" x 18").
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