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Produce Perfectly Soldered Boards Consistently with Vapor Phase

Vapor Phase Reflow Ovens

Flexible, simple & reliable reflow soldering.
Vapor phase reflow oven is ideally suited for all SMD components and PCB materials to produce perfectly soldered boards without trial-and-error calculations in setting heating profiles. This proven technology relies on the transfer of a heated fluid that when reaching its boiling point, produces a high vapor density temperature-controlled blanket that quickly and thoroughly solders surface mount assemblies. The vaporized soldering environment is inert and completely oxygen-free without nitrogen content.

Advantages & Benefits of Vapor Phase Soldering.

ML100 Vapor Phase Reflow Oven
ML100 Vapor Phase Soldering System
For Labs, Prototyping & Low-Volume Production
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VP260 High Throughput Vapor Phase Reflow Oven
Front-Loading Two-Chamber Vapor Phase
Does Lead or Lead-Free Automatic Soldering
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VP500X Vapor Phase Soldering
Programmable Batch Vapor Phase Soldering System
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Vapor Phase Soldering is a Simple Process
Step #1:
Match the vapor phase fluid to the solder paste specification. Solder Paste profiling is eliminated. The solder paste time above liquidous is automatic and exact regardless of board, component properties or density.
Step #2:
The assembly is then automatically heated to the preset process temperature which will equal but not exceed the fixed boiling point of the fluid, making overheating impossible. After removal from vapor phase, the condensed fluid on the soldered board will evaporate with a dry, fully soldered assembly.
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