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Bench-Top Reflow Ovens for Engineering & Testing

Manncorp's bench-top reflow ovens are ideal for product development, manufacturability testing, and low-volume production at R&D labs, engineering schools, and training facilities. The MC Series is designed for reflow of lead-free or conventional SnPb solders on surface-mount boards in either a hot air or nitrogen atmosphere, while the Model 850 features an oversized processing chamber with a large viewing window for both PCBs and irregularly-shaped assemblies. 

Profilable Batch Reflow Oven
w/Android™ Operating System
Simulate profiles of inline reflow ovens
with preheat, soak, reflow, and cooling
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Nitrogen Batch
Reflow Oven w/Android™ OS
Nitrogen compatible version
of profilable MC-301
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Benchtop/Batch Convection Reflow Oven
Compact, versatile forced convection system with 'hot bake' function and large viewing window
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